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    1. Hammockpacker
      The rear left lift support tends to bind up on lift. The main problem is it tends to take all the support sections with it all at once instead of raising them one at a time. They have to be tapped down as the roof is raised. The post even raises up out of the main channel, causing some damage to the aluminum side rail around the camper.
    2. Hammockpacker
      Hi Xolthrax,

      I just joined Pop-up portal and I've noticed that you're the guy with knowledge on the early Rockwood lift systems. I have a 94 Rockwood 1280XL for which I rebuilt a new roof last summer (hard sided version) and am now trying to troubleshoot the lift system.

      I saw that you have diagrams of this chain drive system and was wondering if you would be willing to share these?

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    [PU]'96 Rockwood Signature Series 1280 [TV]'07 Ford Explorer
    Wherever you go, there you are. Gilwell Troop 1 (Owl Patrol)
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