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    Hello Everyone (again)

    I was a fixture (a moderator in fact) here years ago. I had to sell my precious popup back in 2013 because I took a new job with crazy mileage and had to get rid of my TV because gas was really expensive then and my wife and I got rid of our SUV's. My wife just got another Jeep Wrangler...
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    Water Tank Split

    Unfortunately I don't have pictures anymore, but I plumbed in an Eccotemp HWOD system. It does not need 120V. As a matter of fact, the only electric it uses is for the piezo ignitor which only needs a D battery (which lasts for a year or two). It was very similar to this Camp Chef model which...
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    HELP! How do I fix this? Side wall of camper buckling? PICS

    Is there any wood behind there? If so, I'd glue behind it and put a screw (or several) in to hold it in place. What is the side made from? I assume that it's fiberglass. If so, you could seal the seam with Bondo-glas and paint over it. Caulk is only a temporary fix and will probably fail...
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    The Music Game

    Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
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    pickin a little guitar by the fire...

    If kids are carrying walkie talkies and using them only to check in with their parents as necessary, or for emergencies, then where's the problem? As a child, I could ride my bike almost with impunity and have no fear. The world has changed. Kids today don't have that kind of freedom or...
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    Rockwood/Forest River Lift System Service Manual

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Webhsots morphed into Smile, and destroyed many of the pictures, and due to several catastrophic drive crashes, I no longer have the original document.
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    pickin a little guitar by the fire...

    I like to bring my guitar along, too. Most times I get positive remarks and usually have people wander over and join me. Sometimes, I'll get a complaint about the noise and I try to respectfully accept it and stop.
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    Fitting rooftop ac gasket (Dometic)

    Good advice. Better to do the job right.
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    What Android Apps and Websites Do You Use While Traveling?

    Thanks SteveM. I couldn't fine a "BSA Online" app for android, but I use BSA on the go, and it is a great reference too.
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    Champion CPE2000i 73531i Review

    I was trying to keep it charitable.
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    To each his own. Some people wouldn't get outdoors otherwise. Pa. state parks have had these for a few years and they have never been a distraction or a problem for me. If it helps to keep the campground solvent so that I can rent one of the many other reasonably inexpensive sites, then so be it.
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    Bye Bye TV

    Thanks everyone. If there's an upside to this, the Fiesta is fun and easy to drive in ways my Explorer could never dream of. I think the clutch must weigh an ounce. I had to switch cars with my wife this weekend, and her Wrangler Unlimited felt like wrestling an angry bear! I thought the...
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    Just Venting

    In my children's school, they have a "share" table where they can put the things that they don't like or won't eat. They must be put there before you sit down to eat (for obvious reasons). Other children are free to take and eat them. Remember: school is great, but real education begins at home.
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    Bye Bye TV

    I got a new job recently, and it requires a LOT of driving (I have been averaging about 750-800 miles per week). I loved my Explorer, but I just couldn't afford to keep filling her up at $80 a shot twice a week or more. I traded it in on a tiny little Ford Fiesta. Nice enough little car, but...
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    Hyundai HY2000si

    I have a have used a Kipor for about 5 years now and I have been completely satisfied with it. I have camped at a music festival with equivalent Hondas nearby, and the difference is negligible.