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    Rainy Weekend??

    Our rally at the Sewer next weekend is going to get hit hard. We head there Monday to get set up.
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    Well #%^€ ! have to cancel

    UGH... at least you found out before going... on day 2 of our 3 week trip our Grandson came down sick, tested positive. We were 700 miles out and had to quarantine in the camper.. all 3 ended up with minor symptoms.
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    Are the rally’s a thing of the past?

    Covid never effected this one.... Come on down...
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    Old People with semi-old pop up!!

    Welcome from WNC... If your up for it, Get your things together and head west to Wilkesboro NC for the Sewer Rally in October.
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    Rainy Weekend??

    It blows my mind on how many people will stay home just because of a little threat of rain... A few weekends back we had reservations at a state park, and our daughter and husband wanted to join us, but place was FULL. Weather forecast called for cool, cloudy and possible scattered rain.... We...
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    Hello from northeast North Carolina!

    Welcome from WNC
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    Andrew Jackson State Park

    We just rolled thru the campground on Monday, will be back on the 23rd... Then Our Daughter having her wedding there in Oct.
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    SEWER Rally 2022 10/6/22- 10/10/22

    If there is anyone else interested, please let me know...
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    SEWER Rally 2022 10/6/22- 10/10/22

    Sorry you can't make it. We have our Daughter's wedding 2 weeks later.... We must have brought her up right... The wedding is an all weekend event camping at a state park... with about 150 guests....
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    SEWER Rally 2022 10/6/22- 10/10/22

    It doesn't matter, The sites around the lower shower house are the only power sites open to reserve, we hope to move up on Bluebird lane depending on the planned construction.
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    7th Annual 2022 Northeast PA Rally

    Want to extend our gratitude for taking in the surprise guests and treating us as old friends. Mike, Take care of that pot, lots off memories in it. Hate we missed seeing a few yesterday morning, but after a few, quite windy, hours, we made it to our next stop, bike unloaded, home set up and...
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    7th Annual 2022 Northeast PA Rally

    My last shift was 36 hours... I dont miss doing that crap anymore... Just wish I could get back to a normal sleep schedule.
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    Fingerlakes area vintage camper!

    Ours was a 68 Wards all canvas... bought near Albany NY... I want another one
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    Air Bags

    Here is a great video. I added coil over shocks with the new camper and works fine with the WDH 05 1500 Silverado, TW pushing 800 Lbs

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