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    Which "Foam Factory" is better?

    we used and were very satisfied. We went with the denser foam (I think they call it lux) and then added a memory foam topper from a local big box store. You can check prices, but it's usually cheaper to order a standard sized mattress and cut it down than to order a custom...
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    dog pics while at Jordan MN.

    Border collies are smart dogs. Years ago, we had a rescue border collie pup and an elderly, blind terrier mix. The terrier was alpha even though she could walk under the belly of the pup. The terrier would get lost in the backyard and start walking in circles to find a landmark. The border...
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    Snowing again

    Ha! No snow here, but it was 21 degrees F this morning at our place. I hear about this season called spring, but I think winter isn't done with us yet.
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    Storage under portable carport

    We've used a tarp carport from Costco for 11 years now. The tarp roof has been replaced a couple of times and the sides have been replaced once. Yes, we get snow and wind...lots of both sometimes. It's important to anchor the carport frame well and to attach the tarps so they don't blow...
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    After a long spell of cold, windy weather, it finally turned nice for a few days, so we headed out to watch the lunar eclipse. Our favorite spot on the ridge was too exposed to the wind (yep, still windy on the mountain), but this spot was not far away. In the morning, the temp in the...
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    zipper issues

    You can buy replacement zipper sliders, so it might be time to destroy the slider by gently prying it open to release the zipper.
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    Will the sun ever shine again

    Please send some heat our way....and some rain also.
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    Will the sun ever shine again

    Our temperatures keep doing wild swings, so we haven't gotten the pup out yet. DH went out to mow the lawn on Sunday and came back in covered with snow. We are hoping for spring weather before we get summer and fire restrictions.
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    STUMPED: Leak around Skylight? Or else where?

    Sometimes the skylights develop tiny hairline cracks (typically in corners) which only leak in certain conditions.
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    Prime camping weather is getting closer

    We continue to have rollercoaster weather. Today was 67 degrees F and I'm tempted to get the patio furniture out of the shed so we can access the trailer. However, that might trigger another snow event, so I'll wait a few more days. Sorry to hear about the wildfires in AZ and NM. Everyone...
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    Camping Greed??

    There's an RV site on the Oregon coast that requires the RVs to be less than 10 years old, in like-new condition, and at least 29 ft in length. And they only allow class A. You can purchase a site starting at $250,000 or rent a site starting at $125 per night. I assume the ocean-view sites...
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    Camping Greed??

    I had never heard of the FIP reference and just about snorted my beverage. I grew up in southern Illinois. That was back in the time when the state travel people had a television commercial that said, "Outside of Chicago, there's a place called Illinois." My relatives would respond that they...
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    Prime camping weather is getting closer

    I keep hoping for spring instead of false spring, 2nd winter, teaser spring, freeze-off all flowers, 3rd winter, dare you to plant the garden, etc. We've had one day in the upper 70s followed by 18 degrees and 3 inches of snow. But we are happy to get moisture in any form.
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    April 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    I replaced the vinyl glide tape on 4 curtain panels with nylon glide tape. I hate that vinyl stuff, because it is brittle when cold and tears easily when hot. The manufacturers probably like it because it's cheap. I'm just checking the list of projects for things that can be done before...
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    Food storage while at the campsite

    Super strong is the main reason, along with strong, tight latches. Action packers are sturdy enough for an adult to sit on, and I've used one as a step stool (this is probably not on the list of recommended uses;)). We have other latching totes for hiking boots and other semi-grungy gear, but...