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  1. yetavon

    Carolina Low Country Boil 05/14/2022

    Glad I jumped in here.. We will be on site 44, start to gather 1 ish and eat around 330. looking forward to meeting you
  2. yetavon

    SEWER Rally 2022 10/6/22- 10/10/22

    Time flies.... Steve this may be the last one there... they are talking about expanding the plant...
  3. yetavon

    Tow Vehicle Prices!!!

    We have been looking around, and given some thought, But what surprised me was the trade offers for our truck... $4-5K more than we paid for it 7 years/100K miles ago...
  4. yetavon

    Carrying a kayak

    Ive carried on both, and prefer the TV. If your setting up the boat must come off the Pup anyway, and then if your going someplace to paddle after setting up... your loading on the TV anyway.
  5. yetavon

    Tow Mirrors

    GREAT INVESTMENT!... put a set on both my trucks. better vision even without towing .
  6. yetavon

    New Silverado

  7. yetavon

    SEWER Rally 2022 10/6/22- 10/10/22

    Yes Dan has... I still need to... hard to believe I dont have time to do stuff after retiring... LOL
  8. yetavon

    Greetings from the Hudson Valley

    Grew up in the Catskills and carried a pack all over them peaks... Giant Ledges was my favorite... but would be hard to get a P-up up there Welcome to the forum
  9. yetavon

    The closer I get to retirement ...

    Looks like a nice place... may have to drop in for a few days.. chase some trout on the Watuga.
  10. yetavon

    The closer I get to retirement ...

    You havent came our way yet... LOL.. we try to do a trip a month, and with retirement starting 12 days, I'll have even more time to go... Dreher Island is next, mid Jan
  11. yetavon

    SEWER Rally 2022 10/6/22- 10/10/22

    Thats what I was planning to do... around the lower shower house.
  12. yetavon

    SEWER Rally 2022 10/6/22- 10/10/22

    This will be the 10th anniversary of Pams (Rottenmoms) original rally in Wilkesboro NC... Wilkesboro Campground, North Carolina - Camping Reservations & Campgrounds | ReserveAmerica If you dont know about the SEWER.... there are many threads and pics on here... But yes its a real campground on...
  13. yetavon

    Carolina Low Country Boil 05/14/2022

    Once again many from several different forums will be gathering at Kings Mountain SP Blacksburg SC for the annual Low Country Boil. A great time with some great folks at a great area to visit. Saturday several pots get set up, folks bring some LCB ingredients or side dishes, and sit around and...
  14. yetavon

    2022 Fall North FL-South GA Rally, 11/10/22-11/13/22 - FL-Stephen Foster S.P.

    As will I... Enjoyed meeting some folks at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park - FL a few years back.
  15. yetavon

    NC SEWER RALLY....2021

    OK folks.... Oct 6-10th it is... will get a new thread started later... Have to get ready for that 4 letter work thing... but only 9 more times...
  16. yetavon

    2022 Letchworth State Park Rally

    Wish we could....
  17. yetavon

    NC SEWER RALLY....2021

    Sorry.... didn't get an alert that there was a reply in here... Let me check my work schedule .......LOL....
  18. yetavon

    ITSSS BACCCKKK!!!! 2022 12th Annual NC Spring Rally

    I think thats awesome.... Now you can come to Kings Mt SC in May, and We can visit again in June.
  19. yetavon

    NC SEWER RALLY....2021

    Us to... well at least hope to be half prepped...

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