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  1. NMroamer

    Covid camping inside garage

    Never heard of using a chain saw to cut grass.😁
  2. NMroamer

    Chains shrunk! Ha hah.

    Post a picture of your problem.
  3. NMroamer

    Kenwood Radio

    The radios have stayed on unless I pulled the fuse on all my previous trailers. Big parasite drain.
  4. NMroamer

    Folding Wagons - recommendations?

    I have used a hand truck to transport a generator, propane tank and water. Minimal lifting required for this old back.
  5. NMroamer

    GPS tracker

    I have a SPOT 3 that I been carrying for years. You make a switch tempting.
  6. NMroamer

    Looking at Rockwoods 2318g or 2716G, how heavy to push?

    Have you tried pulling the trailer on the highway with the Subaru?
  7. NMroamer

    GPS tracker

    The Weather channel ran a series of programs on the very subject. A survival expert showed how people made bad decisions and got lost and sometimes died. Not everybody was inexperienced, sometimes bad things like falls happened to people who should have known better and not be alone.
  8. NMroamer

    GPS tracker

    Don Is your book still in print?
  9. NMroamer

    Multiple Solar Panels - Series or Parallel?

    Serires adds voltage, parallel adds current. You should do some homework on the subject.
  10. NMroamer

    Vanner Inverter help?

    The only way it would be useful is if you could find a source of 60 volts DC capable of handling a 30 amp load. Not practical.
  11. NMroamer

    More power needed.

    The reason it was easy, questions like yours appear here on a regular basis. 😵
  12. NMroamer

    More power needed.

    You need a way to recharge your batteries. 18 volts won't work.
  13. NMroamer

    And I thought I knew all the Interstate tricks

    That is not so bad. Route 66 crosses itself in Albuquerque NM.
  14. NMroamer

    Wag more, bark less: Post your dog pics :-)

    Snow April 26 in New Mexico. Rescue dog from Roswell who might have never see snow. He loves it.
  15. NMroamer

    Any help with Jeep Grand Cherokee towing capacity??

    For starters how many pins ddoes the rear connector have? Four or seven.
  16. NMroamer

    Cruise Control or No Cruise Control

    What you should have noticed is that nobody with advice here has the same setup as you do. No pro tips just other personal experiences with a variety of different vehicles.
  17. NMroamer

    how to wire

    Exactly., stray currents and sine waves could be a problem for some electronics. Ferrite beads on DC cords are lot of help.
  18. NMroamer

    Cruise Control or No Cruise Control

    Read your owners manual. Varies by vehicle. My Tacoma manual says not to to use cruise.
  19. NMroamer

    WDH on pop up

    You don't need a WDH. you need to beef up the suspension on the Denali. Bigger bump stops worked for me and others here.

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