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  1. scubacamper

    Bikes AND Kayaks Mounting Options (Old Question looking for newer ideas)

    We have 2 tandem Kayaks and got mounting brackets for the roof of the mini-van which takes the weight off the PUP and distributes it over the TV. We normally don't take bikes so that hasn't crossed our path just yet so I can't offer any constructive thoughts on the issue.
  2. scubacamper

    Welp, dark side called

    I am seriously considering giving up my PUP as it is just too much work to do when I need to prep for an upcoming trip. This time the deep cell battery is dead and I'm not sure if I need to replace it or if it'll take a charge? I had to fix the canvas inside and though I didn't find any ants...
  3. scubacamper

    Towing with Toyota Sienna no tow package

    When we were looking at our Coachman to be pulled with the Town & Country I spoke with the Mech at our Chrysler dealer and he told me unless I had plans on taking it frequently into the steep mountain roads go to U-Haul and get the Tow system put in by them for a fraction of the price. Not so...
  4. scubacamper

    Who's like me?

    I don't have that issue since we only get snow here once every 10-20 years or so. My biggest problem is finding a suitable CG that isn't over-run with Snowbirds.
  5. scubacamper

    Winter pics

    This reminds me of Bellevieu, NE south of Omaha, I hope I'm spelling it right where my DW's aunt lives and at the bottom of the steep cliff is a park then the Missouri River and IA on the other shore. We normally go to visit between Christmas and New Years and the park down there looks a lot...
  6. scubacamper

    New to camping! Coleman Destiny pup :)

    We had the sister to yours (Royale) before we got our 2012 Clipper SST with ALL the toys. My DW bought me a portable A/C unit and I put the exhaust hose out the canvas by the door. As far as a heater, we used a small space heater and that seemed to work pretty well. Though we did consider...
  7. scubacamper

    Campground type ettiquittes

    With so many visitors taking up the spots at our SP sites are hard to come by for the locals so we take whatever is available. I've been between massive Class "A" and "C" types as well as tents...I book whatever I can get. The funny part is that since ours is as good as it gets with a PUP...
  8. scubacamper

    Planning for 2021

    There are actually two similarities, they are both on the western side of the state and they both are in FL, otherwise they are about 3 hrs apart and only one is a SP. The Lake is fairly large and below Sarasota while the Spring is up slightly below Gainesville but still on the western side...
  9. scubacamper

    Took the pop-up plunge

    Welcome aboard from a transplanted PA resident (Tower City, PA) now living in Jax, FL...this place is a wealth of knowledge and some of us have gone from tents to our first PUP to the top of the line with all the toys. Over the years I'd swear we pack MORE than we did when we were first...
  10. scubacamper

    Planning for 2021

    Actually Manatee is just north of Rainbow and we're looking at Anastasia for Labor Day but I can't get the DW to commit since it's only 30min from the house. Sometime in the future if you want to try something different you may want to book one of our city parks here in Jax, Huguenot Park...
  11. scubacamper

    Planning for 2021

    Just curious which ones as we're booked for President's weekend, Easter and Memorial Day wknd but ours are all local (within an hour of Jax, FL) except the Memorial Day that's at Manatee Springs, that's 2hrs plus.
  12. scubacamper

    That trip when you needed two spare tires

    This post is timely for me since on our last trip we shredded a tire and I need to replace it and I should replace the spare and the other side also. I'm planning on carrying either a canoe or two small kayaks atop my PUP so I'm thinking I should upgrade my load rating? Any you...
  13. scubacamper

    I'm TICKED and need 2 VENT

    For some reason my DW has an aversion to Salt Springs though she likes to spend the day there and F/D doesn't have much for specifically us except fishing and we like Rodman better for that as a reason to go but thank you. In my OP I mentioned that I have 3 Water 2 DD's and DW all...
  14. scubacamper

    I'm TICKED and need 2 VENT

    Mine has to be near a spring or beach as my three (DW & 2 DD's) are all about the water and everything I'm looking at...Springs & Beaches to include their Spring Break are Booked. The only way is if both the DW & I take vacation mid week and go somewhere which isn't an option since as a teacher...
  15. scubacamper

    I'm TICKED and need 2 VENT

    UPDATE: Okay I've been talking to some Scout Leaders...both Girls and Boys in the N/E FL area and they are having similar issues even though they have their own CG not far away. I'm trying to get them to write letters, e-mails or anything else to call attention to this issue so I'm hoping these...
  16. scubacamper

    I'm TICKED and need 2 VENT

    Brice, trust me I know about PA my family is primarily ALL up there yet...some in DE and me in FL and though I like your idea here in FL we survive on tourism that's why we don't have a state income tax but there must be a way to put limits on this since it has become a big issue for those of us...
  17. scubacamper

    Looking for used PUPs

    I bought our Coachman from a Jayco dealer and because they weren't a Coachman dealer they wanted to get it off their lot. Their price was $13k +++ and I got it for $8100 all inclusive but that was pre-Covid
  18. scubacamper

    Bizarre Electric Winch Failure, PopUp Damage, Manual Winch Install | Covid Yard Camping Day 5 of 10

    Nice job fixing it but I also had winch problems with my Coachman Clipper which uses the same winch as the Viking though the Viking (the Coachman's Cousin) is a bit heavier and there are many more issues with the Viking side of the house. We were camping down in Stuart, FL and it got stuck in...
  19. scubacamper

    I'm TICKED and need 2 VENT

    Indy, for the occasional visitor who wants to get away You are Most Welcome. It's the big Class "A" & "C" or big 5th Wheel full timers who book multiple sites for the same weekend but a few days before they finally decide and then the park still has to hold the spot or maybe the cancellation...
  20. scubacamper

    I'm TICKED and need 2 VENT

    Okay I get that the RV industry is growing but there must be a way for the locals here in FL to book a trip in our OWN STATE without EVERYTHING being booked up. My DW & DD's like to swim but our SP's are booked a year out. I couldn't find ANYTHING for next Labor Day weekend where there's a...

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