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  1. kimlovescamping

    2013 Rockwood premier 2516G

    I have a lot of other pictures, if you are interested just email [email protected]
  2. kimlovescamping

    2013 Rockwood premier 2516G

    2013 Rockwood premier 2516G for sale. If anyone is interested let me know ([email protected]) $8,500. Sleeps 7-8. One owner. Has lots of extras. Located in Irmo, SC. King bed, queen bed Full bed (kitchen table) Twin bed (couch) 3 way fridge 3 burner gas stove Grill with outside gas line...
  3. kimlovescamping

    Pop ups are hot right now!

    where did you list it? FB market? I'm getting ready to sell mine.
  4. kimlovescamping

    SC burn ban... does anyone know if campfires are allowed in the state parks?

    Okay - I called Hickory Knob SP- and there is not a ban on campfires there. There is a ban on campfires in some of the upstate campgrounds.
  5. kimlovescamping

    SC burn ban... does anyone know if campfires are allowed in the state parks?

    We are camping for Thanksgiving at Hickory Knob. We have a state wide burn ban -from the forestry people that doesn't include campfires so far. Does anyone know if we are still allowed to have campfires in the SC state parks? Thanks!
  6. kimlovescamping

    PUP Honeymoon

    wow. I am so jealous! Spend as much time as you can!!
  7. kimlovescamping

    Just Booked an Adventure for October 9-16th

    Excited for you!! Wish mine had a week off in October!
  8. kimlovescamping

    need campground near Tryon International Equestrian Center

    Anyone have any suggestions for a campground near Mill Spring, NC and the Tryon Internation Eq Center? Trying to plan a Labor Day trip and would like to be close to the Eq Center to go see the Olympic riders compete. Thanks!
  9. kimlovescamping

    seal around fantastic fan leaking & cleaning canvas Rockwood 2516g

    Wow. thank you so much dubbya. I'll give info to the DH so we can fix it. The dealer put in the fan - so I don't know if they gooped the screws or not.
  10. kimlovescamping

    seal around fantastic fan leaking & cleaning canvas Rockwood 2516g

    We have a couple of problems we need help with. 1. We have a Rockwood 2516g (2012, I think). It has a fantastic fan. On our last few trips - we open the pup and the queen bed (under the fan) is wet. DH duck taped a garbage bag over the fan so the rain would not get in - in case it was a...
  11. kimlovescamping

    Camping at Disney fort wilderness

    We checked tires every day on our big trip - making sure pressure was good and adding air as needed.
  12. kimlovescamping

    South Dakota

    We stayed in Custer SP... check your routes when in the park as they have some really small tunnels (with some restrictions). It is a beautiful area!
  13. kimlovescamping

    High-Capacity PUP?

    Not sure, but mine sleeps 7 comfortably... we have put 3 kids in the king bed once and that got us to 8.
  14. kimlovescamping

    Christmas in Key West

    We spent a couple of Christmas' down in the Keys... highly recommended. Plan ahead for reservations though!
  15. kimlovescamping

    New with ?'s

    Started in tents when my kids were about the same ages as yours are now. Tent camped for 2 years. Had a big family dinner and storm moved in. Nothing like standing under a pop up canopy with 14 people - while trying to finish up the spaghetti in the pouring rain/thunder and lightning. That...
  16. kimlovescamping

    How did you get started?

    My neighbor invited us and reassured us he would help. We bought a tent and now are hooked. Neither one of us had ever camped growing up. We quickly figured out we could see a lot more places camping because it was so cheap. This was 5-6 years ago. It took us a few years to graduate to a...
  17. kimlovescamping

    1st Time PUP Purchase - Help Needed!

    We bought a new one to avoid having to fix things (my DH is not a fixer). We had multiple issues the first year, but everything was covered under the warranty. We haven't had many problems since the first year. We did let a friend borrow it last year and they tore the canvas - we fixed that...
  18. kimlovescamping

    2016 Camping trip idea

    I will look forward to your trip report... Nova Scotia and NL on our list for summer 2018.
  19. kimlovescamping

    Summer 2016 Big Family Trip

    We've done Rocky Mt NP. Loved it. Hauled our large pup into the park and camped. Beautiful. Didn't pull it over the road (Trail Ridge Rd?)...seems like there were restrictions on that. We then went to Golden Gate Canyon SP west of Denver...loved it. Took a day trip to Pike's Peak and...

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