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    Had our first scare, Boondocking someone trying to get in our camper

    I can't be of any help on the guy rattling your door - seems the others have covered it well enough anyway... However, about the one who circled your rig multiple times at WalMart and then drove off - I bet it was just a customer, interested in you unusual (to them) camper. I am always...
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    Any suggestions on a Outside mat........for under the awning area??

    I don't really like to use a mat - as others have said, it kills the plants you put it over, and if it really rains, then you've got mud coming thru it. yuch! If it's messy weather, shoes come off inside the camper anyway. I tend to use rag rugs just inside the door to catch dirt, and if...
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    turning the popup at a camping site?

    I also have the Trailer Dolly from Harbor Freight. It's a heavy duty two wheel dolly, with fat inflated wheels. Those big inflated wheels make it easy to push the camper (a 1973 Starmaster 6 - high wall and fairly heavy with re-builds and equipment) around a cement drive and doable on uneven...
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    Lessons From Camp Backyard

    I've had an antique PUP for years - this is my 2nd 'vintage' PUP, and I've had it for 4-5 seasons now. My neighbors are used to seeing it in the driveway - and each spring, I get questions.... where is it? when am I bringing it home? (I'm blessed to have a friend who lets me store it in her...
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    First Outing "DOH!" Moments

    Well, that's ONE way to wash the floor..... One of the reasons I never wanted a camper with sink/toilet/ shower is that I never wanted to have to deal with all those hookups, and extra things to fuss over. Both my PUP's have had sinks (I think they all do) and both of them I removed the tanks...
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    A Question regarding the "Best" type of older Pop-Up to get?

    Coleman USED to be a reliable name brand in the 60's and 70's - but since then, anything 'coleman' is simply a license /name slapped on many things that are NOT quality. I have lots of old Coleman equipment, and it makes me sad what the name has become. But there are too many problems with...
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    Good Bye Shelby and thank you!

    Dogs can make the best camping buddies ever - I can't imagine camping without thinking of the many wonderful times I've shared with my various, furry camping buddies over many years.... First the German Shepherds we had when I was a child and then the Golden Retreivers who shared canoes, tents...
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    Murder in a popup - Cape Cod

    I agree - this sounds like transients who lived in their camper and moved around - not the best living situation for anyone. It does occur to me that, yes, the state parks that I frequent and even the few private ones I've used have full time rangers and sometimes, volunteer or part-time paid...
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    Disappointed - our reason(s) for deciding NOT to go to Virginia Beach

    PS - Along time ago after being stuck without cash handy for a toll booth or parking meter - I took an old film cannister and filled it with quarters, dimes and nickels and dropped it in the glove box of the van. I did the same when I bought my new Chevy HHR last year. I've seldom had to...
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    Disappointed - our reason(s) for deciding NOT to go to Virginia Beach

    I live in Illinois, but camp mostly in Wisconsin - as I'm very close to the border and Wisconsin is my home state (Once a Cheesehead, always a Cheesehead!) I don't travel the I-roads much - but a few years back I had a job that frequently required it and got an I-Pass - paying half the cash...
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    Murder in a popup - Cape Cod

    probably he was trying to get inside to escape? or get to a phone for help? Hey, if someone stabbed me, I'd want more than some canvas and aluminum between me and the knife wielding nut!
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    How will a federal government shutdown affect your camping plans?

    I pretty much camp in state parks. I have reservations for a Dutch Oven get -together in Galena,IL May 13-15 at a private campground, that's the only trip I have 'reserved' so far. But I don't know of any Federal parks in Wi or IL where I camp - so it won't affect me any.
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    What camping smells make you smile?

    My camper is old - 35+ yrs - I cleaned the canvas when I got it - actually took it off and washed it by hand - as I had some wood rot and it smelled musty - but the camper itself retains a unique smell of campfires long gone, old canvas, cedar closet liner installed in the cabinets, citronella...
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    What kind of camper are you?

    I like electric when I can get it - for my dorm fridge. My antique Starcraft didn't come with a propane fridge and one would cost more than I paid for the whole camper. I'd like to add a battery, if I could run the fridge off it - but I don't think it would be enough power - would it...
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    Ok should we take the new pop up out

    GO! Some of our best memories were made on rainy weekends camping - just me and my son - I would read aloud to him, play board games, sing along with the radio, do crafts or color - he loved it! Fishing is often better when it's rainy and drizzley. We would go out in our rain gear and...
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    Which direction do you sleep? (poll)

    I have an antique PUP - so I have double beds only 4' wide! and the tent bunk ends are fairly close to my nose on the outside edge, especially since I made the matresses thicker by adding a Memory foam topper! So I sleep crossways - with my feet toward the door. I also always sleep on the...
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    How Many PUP Owners have done some type of renovations

    I've done everything ( and more!) except the bathroom. I really don't see a need for a bathroom and don't want the maintenance of one. I do keep an 'emergency' bucket potty on board for when it's raining cats and dogs at night, or when I have small kids with with us - but honestly, have never...
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    Dump the PUP??

    I agree - they are NOT going to go away, though they might 'evolve' in two directions - more 'luxury' like the one you showed, and or more versatile like these: I see many multi-use campers being designed today - and NOT by the traditional...
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    What i Hate about our pop up

    I'm guessing that you either have a very small PUP, or one with more sleeping space than cabinet/counter space - but either way, I have always found that the cabinets and counters in ANY pup are way too low - even for short people, which I am NOT! Depending on how much 'floor space' you have...
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    Ultimate Mod - Homemade Pup - BONUS - Homemade Corner Caps!

    WOW! That original starcraft he started with is/was the same model and vintage my current camper is - a Starcraft Starmaster - 1970's - same linoleum, but my cushions were oragen and brown, not green and gold. (mine is a 1973) Honestly, I think my camper is, in some ways - worse than what he...