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    Bahia Honda State Park.

    No doubt, we are booked for a week in March. Not sure if the cabins will survive this one, among other things. The Conch Republic is solid, though.
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    PSA...Oscar Scherer SP

    OSSP had planned to repair the vehicle bridge that spans South Creek and provides access to the campground, this work was to occur from mid/late April 2018 through ~ Labor Day, and the campground would've been closed this whole time. That work is now postponed and the CG will be open for this...
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    looking for a cheap campground near orlando, not disney

    Two Orange County parks that you should consider: Moss Park and Kelly Park. Both are very nice, relatively cheap, and in the Orlando area. Moss is quite close to UCF. 45 day window for booking so you will have no issues with completely booked campgrounds like the state parks will be at those...
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    2007 Fleetwood Utah question

    That's the problem, this is NOT a CP unit, so I am assuming it should be like all other fleetwoods with that same storage cabinet, as in it should have a door. I'll be calling the seller tonight to get more details, but my spidey senses are telling me to steer clear.
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    2007 Fleetwood Utah question

    It does give me pause....bad QC day? If so, what else was missed? Or maybe cabinet was replaced due to water damage, then no door was added? The price they have is quite a bit lower than market value, which could also be a red flag.
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    2007 Fleetwood Utah question

    I'm looking at a unit on Craigslist and in one of the photos it shows that there is no door on the storage cabinet that is just inside the door to the right. It is the cabinet next to where the cassette potti would be (if this was a Utah CP). I asked the seller if the door was missing and she...
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    Help! Lake Kissimmee or Oscar Scherer

    OSSP is, pound for pound, probably my favorite Florida SP. Great beaches 10 minutes away. Drum circle on beach every Saturday night, Nokomis public beach. Enjoy.
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    How do I remove my bunk end?

    Yowzer [{:)]
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    Chains and plug too short to reach

    I sent you a response, hope it helps.
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    Stove that uses the small green lp tanks.....

    It may be a low pressure port as well, must confirm first before you will know what will work. Most of the portabe two-burner stoves have a regulator and need high pressure to work properly.
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    popup bumper hitch add on for bikes

    I have been using the dual hitch receiver exactly like the one posted by memjcapades for several years now and have had ZERO issues. I tow two adult bikes and my son's bike. My TV is a 4runner and my camper is a wee Taos. I did have to drill two new holes, though, in order to get the best...
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    15 amp circuit issues

    Thanks, that was the next step I told him to try, which was to plug into the camp site's circuit via extension cord and see how it behaved. However, he did switch over to the 12V battery power for the fridge and he said it was starting to cool down, which was not happening when it was on the...
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    15 amp circuit issues

    The AC is plugged into the 20a circuit and not the 15a. He was able to run a fan whilst plugged into the 20a outlet that the AC is plugged into. When plugged into the 15a, it tripped the gfi. Update...the converter was checked, no loose wires/connections, no corrosion, no burnt wires, etc. He...
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    15 amp circuit issues

    Posting this question for someone else and hope to relay answers....recently purchased used 2005 FW Utah, AC running fine on the 20A circuit, 12V lights work, fridge is working fine (I think), when a small fan was plugged into the 15A circuit, it tripped it within a few minutes. Tried the other...
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    Can I direct the A/C Dripping

    I have read that some people loosely wrap a string or thin rope around the base of the AC and then let one end hang off the side....the water follows the string and drips off the end.
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    Anyone used a dual hitch to mount bike rack and pull PUP

    I use a dual hitch receiver between the TV and camper and it works great, no issues at all. Had to buy an extension trailer plug as it extends the length between the TV and camper. Carry three bikes on it.
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    FL - Bahia Honda

    jms, I am pretty sure your rig will fit. Site 72 is at the end of the row and backing in shouldn't be a problem as there is the "through road" very near and that should aid in your maneuvering, you can probably see this from google maps. The height restriction is because of the fact that some of...
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    FL-T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

    Imbibe? In a state park? Egads! It is strictly verboten! I hear that place is the shizzle, and on our short list. Enjoy!
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    Coleman Taos and Jayco 806 Owners

    Another happy Taos owner here! It's an 04 that we bought barely used in 07 and have used it extensively. DW and DS (5 years old) fit nicely. I wanted something small and am able to move it around by myself, which is really convenient when storing in our narrow, covered carport. I removed the...