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  1. J

    colletto creek

    No I haven't.
  2. J

    Finally set up TT

    She wants a 3 bunk with a slide out sized hybrid. If I keep looking I might find one she likes or a small TT that she would be happy with that I could tow safely.
  3. J

    Finally set up TT

    My wife wants a hybrid but we don't have a good enough tv to pull it.
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    Hello from South East Texas

    Where are you at in south texas , I'm in Floresville just south of san Antonio.
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    2006 Fleetwood Niagara

    I had the flush valve crack on me last weekend while camping and had to dump our grey water 3 times before the weekend was over and I'm glad I had the 28gl movable tank to do it. Just make sure you keep the grey water valve open to your outside tank or water will build up in the shower pan and...
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    Trying to decide on camping kitchen

    I have the bass pro deluxe camp kitchen for about 8 years now and love it. It is heavy though.
  7. J

    colletto creek

    I had the pleasure of camping there over the weekend and it was great. the grounds are well mowed and no trash flying around and since we go a premium site we were right on the water. The bathrooms were kept extremely clean and thankfully it wasn't full but there were many campers around. The...
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    Advice-Washington State Summer

    Just don't step out of the camper bare footed in the early morning or you might step on a gigantic slug. That is a nasty, horrible feeling that makes you wish it was dog poop. [:D] [:(O]
  9. J

    Roof won't lift

    Yep everything is good now. prepare for new storms tonight and the next few days.
  10. J

    Roof won't lift

    I'm in Floresville just south of San Antonio and I only had two latches on because I was going to open it up to replace batteries in the carbon dioxide detector but was stopped. I had the latches on opposite sides of front to back done then it started raining and I never got back to it.
  11. J

    Roof won't lift

    It was reported that there were 80mph winds sustained and gust of 90-100mph that lasted 30-45 minutes.
  12. J

    Roof won't lift

    I have a black and red wire attached to each other on one connection and it does go on the negative side. A new battery and some shaking of the pop up and it went up smoothly the down level. We had a micro burst that pulled the latches off and lifted on side more than half way up. All is well now.
  13. J

    Roof won't lift

    We had a bad storm last night and it lifted one side of the roof up. I hooked up the battery for the electric lift and got no reaction. I cant remember which side goes on positive or negative so if I hook it up backwards will it hurt anything
  14. J

    Well it happened....again

    Sorry to see the damage there skeeter. San Antonio got hit by the same type of hail last night and I'm glad it didn't hit Floresville. Good luck on the insurance.
  15. J

    Could you go truly off the grid?

    I would love to have the ability to go off the grid completely if needed but my family wouldn't have the will unless necessary. I feel the same way you do skeeter about society then I remember that most good deed go unreported but bad deeds are rewarded by the media. I am very conservative and...
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    Attention All Veterans

    US Navy 89-97 USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 USS HalseyCG-23 USS California CGN-36 Shore fire support for marines and anti air missle system
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    Happy Veteran's Day

    Thank you, sir. and have a great day to all vets.
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    2015 - Texas Puppers Fall Rall

    I'm glad that yall are ok. That picture of the campfire looks way to nice. maybe i'll get on e going here soon.
  19. J

    2015 - Texas Puppers Fall Rall

    Wish I was going with yall. It's funny but everytime I have taken vacation, it rains, even if its a little bit. We are heading to Vegas on Wednesday and there is possible flashflooding and rain while there and possible rain at home.
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    what do you like and dislike about your pup?

    I like mine because it is so big and roomy and comfortable, that is also its downside because the family never wants to leave it. One the most amazing things to see is Texbum, loading and unloading his little truck and pop up. When his campsite is up he has everything and items to spare and...