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  1. Steveo4090

    Water Heater - Why Keep It?

    Hot water on demand is awesome for cleaning dishes. You don't have to leave it on all the time either if you're concerned about propane usage. Just light it before meals and it's ready for clean up time. Personally I'd light it and leave it till I packed up, but that's just me.
  2. Steveo4090

    Folding Wagons - recommendations?

    You can buy that type of inflatable wheel and retrofit an existing cart (or cooler) as well. They come in quite a few sizes, but aren't cheap. Really for that price, you're buying the wheels and they're giving you the cart. Also, while they're incredible on sand, they wear out rather quickly...
  3. Steveo4090

    2022 Inaugural Trip

    Have fun Mike. Our 1st trip is next weekend.
  4. Steveo4090

    Convincing significant other of Pop UP

    We have the same issue with the plumbing being very low to the ground. We had the swivel caster wheels welded to the frame in place of the skid bars. The wheels get used every time in or out of my driveway. I also bent a piece of 1/8" stainless to fit the square bottom of the trap release...
  5. Steveo4090

    Convincing significant other of Pop UP

    Growing up we had 3 different pop ups after mom put an end to tent camping. The pup's grew in size as our family did. We made a lot of memories in them and still talk about them today. With that said, my parents did all the set up. Us kids did very little usually, since my step dad...
  6. Steveo4090


    We never changed the locks on any of our campers. In fact we never really locked the pup at all unless we were towing it. I think people are more likely to take things outside way before going into a camper. You can't really tell if someone is inside or not most of the time. With our hybrid...
  7. Steveo4090

    New to Black stone cooking any ideas??

    I got the 22" blackstone 2 years ago as a package with the hood and adjustable stand with a side table. The stand is nice because it can be leveled with the 4 adjustable legs. It's more pleasant to use when the grease actually goes into the back grease trap. I'd highly recommend getting the...
  8. Steveo4090

    Just got a Hybrid and I have toilet/chemical questions??

    We use the same product and I buy the gallon size on Amazon. Its awesome at neutralizing the smell even in really hit weather. Tried a few other options out there but they smelled worse than the poop. I can't comment on how effective it is for breaking paper down because it's not usually in...
  9. Steveo4090

    Your Favorite Ice Cooler

    That's a good use for it. Sort of like a lockable tote bin for food stuff. 👍
  10. Steveo4090

    Your Favorite Ice Cooler

    My favorite cooler is a 70's green steel Coleman cooler. Ice retention is, well, non existent. I use it for parties as a beer/soda holder. We used a 114 qt Coleman marine cooler with a reflectix cover I made when we had the pup. Now we have a fridge and freezer that is reliable for temp...
  11. Steveo4090

    OCD Leveling

    I'm on the verge of OCD with leveling, but not quite there. On the topic of stabilizing, I'm at the far end of OCD. With 3 kids, 2 adults, and an 80 lb golden retriever it's almost a requirement to sleep at night
  12. Steveo4090

    first camping trip - mixed results

    I'd bet a 2" topper is too much for the roof. We have the same for our hybrid and we just roll it up at the end of the trip and store it on the dinette. You'd likely need to put it on the floor, but being a high wall pup you may have room elsewhere. As far as the electric heater goes, we...
  13. Steveo4090


    We bought a case of them from Walmart on one trip that we couldn't find any decent or decent priced firewood. I think there were 6 or 8 in the case and we've used 2 of them in about as many years. They give off very little flame or light, smoke fairly badly, and have a chemical smell to me...
  14. Steveo4090

    Camp Site lighting

    I'm in total agreement with you. The lights on my awning very rarely get used because they're way too bright. I've wondered if I could get a dimmer for them or something. They're on the arms of the awning, not under it, so the light goes everywhere.
  15. Steveo4090

    Where to put the blue boy?

    I'm aware of the many issues with attaching heavy objects to a camper bumper that hasn't been properly reinforced. I have friends that lost 4 bikes, the rack, bumper, and sewage hose in the bumper while on the road. Anyway, like said above, the tote tank is big but not anywhere near as heavy...
  16. Steveo4090

    Replacing the Pop Up Mattress

    It's been a while since I got it, but it was one of the top 2 options they had. We didn't get a while mattress though. Just needed a 8" strip to fill in where the camper designer decided it wasn't needed. Basically made a queen mattress into an almost king width.
  17. Steveo4090

    Out side gas line

    Anita, I got a quick disconnect adapter for my blackstone griddle to make it work with my camper hookup. The 20 lb bottle on the camper has a lp regulator, so you don't need another one on the grill/griddle anymore like the 1 lb bottle needed. Look for a quick disconnect adapter for your...
  18. Steveo4090

    7-Pin Connector to 4-Pin Connector Adaptors?

    Exactly what I was going to say...just do it right the 1st time and have a safe drive home. Better yet, you'll know if the trailer's brakes work or not. You'll also need a brake controller for your trailer brakes to work. Tekonsha P3 is what I have and I love it. Easy to set up and use even...
  19. Steveo4090

    Thinking about moving to a TT, but don't want to regret it

    We switched to a hybrid last year. It has 3 queen beds so I don't have to convert the dinette twice a day for my son to sleep on. Has all the utilities of a regular TT, but tows and stores easier imo. I would need a 30'+ bunkhouse TT to get the sleeping capacity I have in a 26' box. The...
  20. Steveo4090

    When on the road?

    Sjm911 said exactly what I'd tell you. There's many people that will tell you that traveling with a propane burner lit is dangerous, but I'd have to disagree. It's no more dangerous than traveling with propane tanks in general as far as having an accident goes. The only issue you have is...