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  1. firepit

    He's back...

    Have you named it yet?
  2. firepit

    New tag for camper plate

    Next yr im shootin for under 50 bucks[:D]
  3. firepit

    Another Mattress Question

    Find something close in memory foam and cut it to size if need be....I added 3 in memory foam on top of my factory mattressess
  4. firepit

    New tag for camper plate

    Its going down ever yr....i bought it new in 2019
  5. firepit

    Surge Protection in 2022?

    I have a southwire that protects low and high voltage....when you plug it into shore power it monitors things for about 10 sec and gives you the all good to go.
  6. firepit

    New tag for camper plate

    $59.00....Ha Ha Dark Siders...JK...LOL[:D]
  7. firepit

    Will the sun ever shine again

    we are in a heat wave now
  8. firepit

    dark one on road side

    Is that cousin Eddies RV from the Natl lampoons vacation movie?
  9. firepit

    Testing AA Batteries: Dollar Stores vs. Major Brands

    My theory on dollar stuff is its outdated or rejects...or missing something when it was produced....But i still shop there from time to time for paper plates and cups etc for camping.
  10. firepit

    Bringing your camper on Amtrak

    Dumb question prolly....Whats the reason behind this....Do you do this because you are moving? Etc Etc...
  11. firepit

    dark one on road side

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder[:D]
  12. firepit

    Its great to be at the campground

    Rock Chalk....My brother moved to Newton KS to be close to grandkids...He still flies his Husker flag. Congrats on the Natl Championship.
  13. firepit

    Coachmen Clipper 9.0td

    Pics or it never[:D] I looked at one but we would have to go up to the 12.0 having 2 bigger dogs. they are neat though
  14. firepit

    2022 Inaugural Trip

    Good lookin set up there....Nice and organized as well....I like it!
  15. firepit

    Palomino Solaire 213x

    So thats why you sold me the coachmen clipper?[:D]
  16. firepit

    2022 Inaugural Trip

    Well that stinks!
  17. firepit

    2022 Inaugural Trip

    OH yeah...Good timing....Be safe and throw one down for me and send some pics....I love pics...they fire me up.
  18. firepit

    Will the sun ever shine again

    We went from drought to 2 weeks of rain and more forcasted....Rain gets old and makes you gloomey after awhile.
  19. firepit

    Is your pup roof completely "flat"?

    Is it sitting in direct sunlight all day....If so that could be your problem
  20. firepit

    Is your pup roof completely "flat"?

    Ny 87 Columbia was but my 19 clipper is curved quite a bit.