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    Wanted: free or extremely cheap pup

    I didn't want to forget our savior in this...this is Chris, the shipper!! He nearly had to attach floats to his truck AND the Barefoot Pup, but he managed to find a dry road and got the job done. And in Jeremy's honor, he gave me a really nice deal too!! Y'all, meet Chris!! [:D]
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    Why can't I get the hang of camp cooking?

    I forgot to mention, I also recently bought a Fold n' Go double gas grill, and I LOVE the thing! I've used regular light weight "indoor" pans and pots on it with low heat and it cooks really good! I haven't used any of my few pieces of CI yet because I'm afraid it might flip it over! LOL I've...
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    Fire-pit make over

    Yeah, now that it's all done, we definitely gotta hang! [A] [A] So windy here tonight, the firepit itself just blew a few inches across the deck!! GEESH!!! [:D]
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    Coleman Niagra slidout won't stay latched

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you love it when a plan comes together!? Good job! Happy Camping!! [:D]
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    Put an other log on the fire

    Nope, this was awhile ago, not you! BUT, if you sent money via PayPal, or if that's how he had it set up, I believe they cancel transactions at some point if they're not accepted. Just feel good contributing to all the good folks on the portal who need your input!! [A] [:D]
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    hello from NC

    Welcome from South Central Virginia!! Glad to see another join the ranks!! If you're ready to meet some of the best folks from our area, check out my Fall Rally in my signature line. This is our 5th year anniversary!! Don't let the location fool ya....we grow every year! [A] [A] Happy Camping...
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    Put an other log on the fire

    Last Steve told me, was he was going to disable the donations. Basically a few who donated expected 'favors' or something for their donation. No idea if he actually did it or time just ran out on you, but that's all I know. [:D]
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    Coleman Niagra slidout won't stay latched

    I know you have a Coleman, but in my Starcraft, you HAVE to put the slide out in first because it had the tracks the beds rolled in on! But even if yours if different, get on your hands and knees and look under the slide from the inside. My one time problem was the porta toilet tube had rolled...
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    Leaking anode rod - Suburban 6 Gal HWH

    First, I agree with customer on the water pressure regulator. I didn't use one at a local state park and while finishing setup, the water heater relief valve exploded, per se, and freaked me out! But if the water didn't have that outlet, something would have literally exploded under the...
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    Wanted: free or extremely cheap pup

    Well, this wonderful little journey has finally come to fruition!! You've seen Jeremy and his pup selfie, but I'd like to show you the whole family, as this effort will benefit them all, especially little Camden, who just turned 3 this week!! Txbum, Richard, you are truly one of God's angels on...
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    Barbie Pop-Up Camper!

    LOL At least we all want the slide & pool!! The rest can be improved! It does, however, pack together nicely. [A] [:D]
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    Wanted: free or extremely cheap pup

    Howdy all! I'm glad to announce the "Project Pup" will arrive at it's new home about 7am Thursday morning!! Between the weather (flooding, tornadoes, and MORE rain) and well, mostly the weather, the pup is on the road as I type!! I hope Jeremy can get changes he wants to make done, enough to...
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    Camping world did it again....

    Camping World isn't evil, they just have VERY sub-par qualified personnel, whether it be salesmen, mechanics, finance people and management. Ok, the young lady cashiers seem to know more about every department than the folks who work those deparments!! The one here in Daleville, VA seems to get...
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    Disabled access sites

    LMAO Now one of us is going to come in to visit and he's going to grab the door, push us inside, and close it!! I can see it now.....LOL [:D]
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    Dinnette slideout tough to close

    That happened to me once also. I had guys in the campground on their backs, under the slide looking for blockages. After 45 mins or so, someone got the bright idea of looking INSIDE, under the slide. Sure enough, there was a large chip clip under there that was keeping it from closing!! I...
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    Disabled access sites

    It's TRUE...and that kid can boogie!! And just as he approaches the solo, mean ole dad makes him sit back down. [LOL] [LOL] But just watching him makes ME dance in my chair! [A] [:D]
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    Pot hole + corner = wild ride and likely totalled pup!

    Glad you got a decent check for the old girl!! The 'you're at fault thing', if the camper had it's OWN policy, only the camper policy would have gone up...a few dollars!! It's a LOT less painful than the truck insurance going up much higher!! I'm going to look for you new pup now. I missed...
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    Disabled access sites

    You can't always SEE the handicap. Just sayin... [A] [:D]
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    Dash cams?

    Check out the specs on the Genius DVR-FHD568. I believe it covers about everything the other posters has mine has seamless recording, and I record it in 5 minute intervals. I put a 32GB card in it and it's nowhere near full after three trips. All the controls are reachable...
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    Call me crazy, but I'm going camping

    YOU GO GIRL!!! I knew once we talked, the bug would bite harder! LOL Be safe going to get the pup and have fun camping!! Safe travels!! [:D]