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  1. JimBy

    New Tow Vehicle question

    Again the weight limit is not what I am asking about I have towed for over 40 years I get it! What I am trying to find out is if anybody has experienced towing with a 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan. You can go by all the numbers you want and be below the limits of the TV and some vehicle still can't...
  2. JimBy

    New Tow Vehicle question

    Sorry the year is 1994 not 2001 and weight is 990lbs The Tongue weight and load weight are all well within limits I'm more worried about braking in mountains This trailer has no brakes and after my bad experience with a vehicle with insuffient stopping ability I was just trying to find out if...
  3. JimBy

    New Tow Vehicle question

    Since we inherited a well used 2001 Coleman Destiny Cedar we have worked to get it ready. We decided that since we purchased a 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan we would set it up for our TV my question is has anybody had success with using this vehicle for towing a fairly light weight Pop-up? The tow...
  4. JimBy


    Good day to all New to the site but have been following for some time. Great information and very helpful people. Received a very used and rough Coleman Destiny Cedar pop-up and working on fixing up. Too old to tent camp anymore but don't want to go full size camper still like the tent feeling...
  5. JimBy

    Roof Repair Truck Berliner coating

    Not sure but the kits weigh 8lbs per gallon and figured about 1 1/2 gallon to coat.
  6. JimBy

    Jimby & Pamby Newby

    Jimby & Pamby Newby
  7. JimBy

    Roof Repair Truck Berliner coating

    I have inherited a Coleman Dynasty Ceder with textured metal roof that has some tree limb damage. I was going to make patch panels and was thinking about coating the whole thing with a bed liner coating has anyone ever done this and what was the result.

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