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  1. Dingit

    Covid camping inside garage

    Oof. You're doing it wrong, you know. You're supposed to get the house and everyone else should be in the garage. Get well.
  2. Dingit

    He's back...

    Such a glorious snake! We don't get many snakes here but found one under a flowerpot the other day. Yelled "SNAKE!!!!!" and the whole family came running to admire it. Of course it was smaller than our lizards...
  3. Dingit

    Water - The Blue

    I travel with a full tank and some blue water jugs of water. Even places with water out here don't seem to have it any more recently...
  4. Dingit

    Water Heater Tank - Relieve Pressure?

    I guess I do less than nothing--I don't drain anything, ever.
  5. Dingit

    Water Heater - Why Keep It?

    It's even more entertaining at significant altitude. (I still don't use water from the water heater for cooking. Probably no reason not to though...)
  6. Dingit

    Water Heater - Why Keep It?

    I like mine. A lot. I didn't think it would be a big deal but it is. We do not camp where there are showers or hookups. Hot water is nice for personal hygiene (even if your popup doesn't carry enough water for an entire shower) and dishes. I wouldn't like one that I had to manually light as...
  7. Dingit

    Considering a Jeep Grand Cherokee purchase

    Hehe. I actually have pretty wimpy payload for a truck specced for a slide-in camper. Crew cab, diesel, SRW, and 4wd kind of eat into it. Plus it's older. But it's totally capable of pulling a tent trailer!
  8. Dingit

    Considering a Jeep Grand Cherokee purchase

    I only tow a popup. Maybe it's a manufacturer thing? My car has a specific number as well. Like really specific. It ends with 9.
  9. Dingit

    Considering a Jeep Grand Cherokee purchase

    The payload sticker on my TV is vehicle specific and is the difference between GVWR and curb weight. There are lots of configurations of this vehicle so maybe that's why. (I would run out of payload before reaching the tow rating.)
  10. Dingit

    Re-packing wheel bearings.

    Some tire stores do it too. Also, how are your tires? :)
  11. Dingit

    Would you upgrade to the air pole

    I too haven't found it to be much effort to do the bunk poles. I do have to climb on the one bunk without a sofa at its base to do it though--I can't reach the ceiling in my popup. It's still a nothing job. I mean, it can even wait until bedtime when you'd be climbing up there anyway. Not that I...
  12. Dingit

    Bringing your camper on Amtrak

    I just looked and my truck is too big even for the extended vehicle category. You made me sad today, Patrick. [V] [V]
  13. Dingit

    Bringing your camper on Amtrak

    Who needs a reason!?? I want an autotrain!
  14. Dingit

    Will the sun ever shine again

    We don't have fire season anymore here. It's just always fire time. At least we all have pretty good masks for particulates now though, right? [V]
  15. Dingit

    Table troubles

    I did that on my truck camper, plus replaced the legs (it had two posts that fit into holes in the floor) with a telescoping pedestal. Sooooo much better. I'd like to do the pedestal on the popup table (which is a folding legs freestanding type of thing) but the spouse thinks it's fine as is, so...
  16. Dingit

    I would like one!

    Well, the back seat is slightly more existing than a Sunrader...wonder if it will hold up better...
  17. Dingit

    Electric Vs Surge/Hydraulic

    I've only had electric. Because electric is the cheap choice here, it would be my preference. :)
  18. Dingit

    How did/do you hang the bunk end curtains?

    Do you need to be able to slide them or would typing back when needed be enough? Peel and stick Velcro is great. :) (I still have the OEM setup but I have used Velcro everywhere else in my life...)
  19. Dingit

    Convincing significant other of Pop UP

    Axle flip doesn't work for all types of axles and it's not really a flip--it's just moving the axle from over the springs to under them. Pretty common mod. Safe and inexpensive to have done if you don't like to weld. I don't know if it's done on tandem axle trailers but I do not believe they...
  20. Dingit

    cedar planks ceiling

    I'm familiar with the closet lining strips--tongue and groove, right? You'd have a lot of butt-ended joints in the middle (which is probably fine). The tricky bit--assuming you can spare the quarter inch--might be sanding it smooth enough to never snag on tenting. It could be pretty nice, I...

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