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    Lithium upgrade

    You're putting in 460ah. What was your old capacity? What is the difference in the overall weight between the old and the new?
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    Not sure how wide spread this is

    Well, the 5/16" tube was overkill. The 1/4" is more than sufficient. What the welder *should* have done was to extend that A frame back under the trailer to help distribute the stress over a greater area. I would be leery of it bending at that point of where the 5/16" ends.
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    Solar Panel Transportation

    Why not permanently attach them to the roof and be done with it? If you mount them cross-ways with a hinge at the peak of the roof, you could make it adjustable to point forward or backward at the campsite depending on the sun's location.
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    When Does School Begin

    Out here, Aug 11th this year until June 5th or so. 12 days off for Christmas/New Years and 6 days off for Easter.
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    Shrinking Vinyl Windows

    I bought a Starcraft about 10 years ago that had smoked windows next to slide out dining and over the sink area. The sink one ripped all the stitching out of the vinyl on one side and the top zipper. The trailer came from AZ. I bought an industrial sewing machine (walking foot) and replaced...
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    Shaking a propane refrigerator (or not)

    What I read a loooong while ago. IF (and a big IF) everything looks good: No yellow powder, no rust (both signs of a leak) and you have a flame but still does not cool - Take the refrigerator out and invert it (turn it upside down) and let it sit (I think it was 24 hours). No shaking...
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    Replace or refill propane tanks

    Refilling tanks are the best (at a good shop). Some shops charge a flat fill rate. If your tanks are not completely empty, that's not a good deal. I go to a place that charges for what they add and if more than 15 gallons (4 tanks), a discount. Pay cash, a discount. The 20 pound/5 gallon...
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    trailer dolly vs tandem axle

    I made a dolly out of an old cast iron rototiller frame, two wheelbarrow tires and a small electric motor. I have a 18' boat trailer with tandem axles and a bit of tongue weight. I had to do a lot of maneuvering to get it in my garage. The tandem wheels sure did put up a fight. You could...
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    Fridge on Propane

    Do you have the camper plugged in while running from 12v? If not, your battery will be dead within a few hours. Grandpa Don, that is amazing that you could get down to 40 from 107 ambient! A 67* drop? Best I've done (with fans exterior and interior) is about 40-45* drop.
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    Seeking Advice - 120 Volt Switch won't turn off

    Mine does the same thing. I happen to have a plug from the fridge to a socket by the switch. I just unplug mine.
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    Camp365 concept

    They tout no canvas or nylon ANYWHERE. So what is with those flappy things? Also, I would be concerned with the very low ground clearance just behind the hitch.
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    Found parts in New Camper

    They look like safety supports. When you put the roof up, the clip on diagonal corners of the lift "bars". In the event the lifting system fails, these will keep the roof from coming down. Just don't forget to remove them when you intentionally try to lower the roof ;)
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    Far Nor Cal

    Take a ride over to Manzanita lake in Lassen. Lots of cool day trips and hikes around all the volcano fields and stuff.
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    This is so un-Christian like, but I hate my new neighbors.

    If mature trees were cut and you documented (photos with some sort of scale to document size), then you need to contact a forester. They will put a value on the trees from a logging perspective. The going rate of compensation is 3 times the value of the wood/tree. That should be more than...
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    Beginners Canoe?

    Can't go wrong with a sturdy Grumman Aluminum! My 17' is heavy (70#?) but takes a beating just fine. They did make a stretched skin version that knocked off 20 pounds or so. Currently I have an old Sears model the I'm pretty sure is a Grumman re-branded. As a kid, we had a 17' Grumman that...
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    Vent Lid question

    Not sure if you were referring to me. My lid lasted at least 4 or 5 years - but I was hoping forever ;) Anyhow, it was a name brand that I got at a RV shop (not CW). I went back there and got the metal lid. He asked what year my old one was and said which metal lid would fit it. They really...
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    Vent Lid question

    I replaced my entire vent when I got my Starcraft about 6 years ago. Was pretty easy. There are 4 screws holding the inside cover in place and that can be remove at any time. The outside frame had a LOT of screws and that byutal gray rubber. Super sticky, oozy stuff. Use plenty of new stuff...
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    Should be okay, I think, but should I?

    YES. When I go camping, I leave my trailer all alone for most of the day!
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    What is this very small metal box attached to my battery wire?

    Those are two 6 volt batteries hooked in series.
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    Low voltage on break controller

    Just solder and use heat shrink tubing to waterproof it. The only thing that would break a soldered connection is stress (too tight/no slack) and bending (flexing a LOT).

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