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    Panoramic campsite view - Photosynth

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    A/C maintenance, my camping trip was HOT!

    We camped this last weekend with temps around 92 each day in our new Hybrid. Around 2 to 3 in the afternoon, our A/C had a hard time keeping up as well. Now, our site was unfortunetly in FULL sunlight all day. I've read that even the big rigs have trouble cooling down in extreme conditions. The...
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    camping in bad weather?

    Ouch! Hope nobody was in it
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    Smoked Ribs

    Looks really good! We'll be making a large batch in two Dutch Ovens this weekend while camping. Can already taste them... [:D]
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    Battery powered margarita makers

    Heck, I thought my $99.00 Kuerig Coffee maker for the camper was a lot... My wife likes the Jose Golden pre-mix.
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    this weekend camping

    Great view!
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    Poll: Picnic table fixed or movable @ campsite.

    Didn't know that. That explains why we only see them every now and then.
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    I my cubicle, bored out of my mind, wanting to go CAMPING!

    Ok... Let's make tomorrow "National Walk out of the Office and Go Camping Day". Hrm.. ok, maybe not such a good idea. [LOL]
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    Another tornado...

    Sorry to hear your brother had to go through that. Thank God he is safe though. Prayers to the rest of the families out there affected by the Tornados.
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    The Music Game

    Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N Roses
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    Wow! Couple days till Camping!!!

    Have a great trip! We are camping 4 days this weekend. Come on two days... go faster!
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    Buying a repo camper ?

    Never bought a repo before but when I saw this post, I thought about that new show on cable called "Operation Repo". I could see that big muscle bound repo guy taking somebody's PUP. [LOL] Guess you would have to have seen the show to appreciate my image of this.
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    camping in bad weather?

    We've been through some pretty good storms in our PUP and it came through just fine. We always use ratchet tie downs to hold the awning in place in case of strong winds. IF we know there is the possibility of severe weather, we would put the awning away. A lot of people using weather radios...
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    Why is it so hard to fine "The" camper???

    Pros: Has a dinette and sofa Both fold down into beds for turtling Permanently attached bunk end are great Nice sized bathroom and shower Tows very nice Fresh/gray/black tanks are large Furnishing is very nice. Hard wood cabinets. Cons: Electric hot water heater would be nice over the manual...
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    Kid noise

    I gotta say, I completely agree with Tripod. Kids are not always "just kids". We've had experiences with kids under the age of 10 using the F word and wanting to beat the other kids up at campgrounds. These kids are certainly by-products of their parents.
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    Do you like simple campgrounds that offer mostly nature...or bells and whistles?

    We generally prefer the simple State parks. Most of these have a naturalist on the weekends that will teach the kids about nature. We are doing Fort Wilderness Disney next week for the first time. I'm sure this will be a whole different kind of camping.
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    Poll: Picnic table fixed or movable @ campsite.

    Almost all the SP campgrounds we camp at in Ohio have movable picnic tables. Makes it nice as we like to move the table under our awning.
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    I my cubicle, bored out of my mind, wanting to go CAMPING!

    I hear ya! I am a computer programmer and LOVE to go camping and get away from technology. I get to go camping for a 4 days over this coming weekend. Can't wait!
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    Panoramic campsite view - Photosynth

    Forgot to mention that you simply turn the app on and tell it you are ready. Once ready, you simply hold the phone out and slowly turn around. It automagically takes the pictures for you.
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    leaking A/C

    Sounds like the bolts that hold the A/C on the roof need to be tightned up to prevent moisture from leaking in. This seems to be a pretty common issue.

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