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    camper type restrictions

    Ok so I knew there were some areas and campgrounds that didn't permit popups and some for good reason due to wild animals. We went to a TT for many reasons including age, disability, the biggest the DW wanted it. So we got a nice TT and are now finding out that some CG's restrict to motor homes...
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    Alcohol in State Parks.

    My experience at Ohio campgrounds is that unless you are just being stupid they won't bother you. I've had rangers stop by while I'm drinking a beer with not a word beig said. They may keep a closer eye on me if they know I'm drinking but keep it cool and no problem. It is a way for them to more...
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    had to go to the dark side!!

    we opted for a 25 ft 2008 prowler. The tow weigh is far enough below our tow rating to be very comfortable towing and it's just enough for the DW and I. We looked at some real nice ones but they were either to heavy or priced too high. One of them had a ceiling fan, fireplace, leather chairs and...
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    had to go to the dark side!!

    With my back issues and the fact that we want to start doing some traveling with one night stays we went to the dark side today. Probably pick up next week but Dr. says I can't camp in any way for 2 months so will be playing with it. I am hooked on this site so will be checking in now and then...
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    Maybe the dark side!!

    Since I'm now medically retired and setting up the pup even with the electric lift can be difficult at times the DW and I are discussing the dark side. We also want to travel more and spend 1 nighters or more at campgrounds as we see fit and feel that a TT would better suit our needs.
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    Question about my Coleman Mach A/C...need advice

    You should also make sure filters are clean and the coils are clean.
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    Is it rude to reserve an ADA space

    I've had a bad back for years but just got my sticker 2 years ago. I never realized how many people without stickers used handicap spots until I got and needed one badly so I get very upset when I need to park in a spot and someone without a sticker has the spot I need. In my opinion if you need...
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    Does my Hot Water Heater Anode need replaced?

    I just replace mine as part of my de-winterizing but mine usually looks worse than that at the end of the season.
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    and it's hot hot hot

    My DW asked what the temp was and I replied what difference does it make? 92 or 94 or 96. It's all the same to me, Hot, Hot and Hotter.
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    plexiglass door mod question

    I did that on mine. The thin metal piece was held in by a rubber seal. After removing the metal piece and seal I found that a 1/4" thick piece of Plexiglas fit. I just cut the width a little smaller than the inside to inside width so it would slide in and back over and sealed with silicone. Then...
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    Windows Opened or Closed when its hot

    Why not run the AC all day? If you don't it's just that much longer to cool the pup when you get back.
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    How cold should it be?

    The best way to messure temp in any fridge is use a glass of water or soda and leave it in for 24 hrs then check the water or soda temp with a pocket type thermometer. Fridge air temp is not always as accurate as the temp of the items inside which are being cooled.
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    Anyone know anything about I've been trying to find a site to plan trips that show campgrounds along the way and came across this site but I can't do anything with it because it won't let me register. Keeps saying to input state which I have done. Is it worth joining? Anyone...
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    Interior lights to power converter cut! Hooked only to battery

    The only reason I can think of is they thought they had a bad converter. I would hook them back up, put a new battery in and try it.
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    Ohio's reservation system allows you to check on open spots on line so I start checking about 1 month b4 planned trip and ck about once a week after that, if it looks like it's getting to be slim pickins I go ahead and make a reservation. My DW would kill me if we showed up at a CG an didn't...
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    Add a Room, Do you use it?

    We use ours sometimes, depends on length of trip, weather forcast (like to sit in it in the rain) etc. It's nice to have when I do want to set it up.
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    A/C help some one please

    There would be 5 possible things 1)low voltage to the unit 2)Start relay for compressor 3)Start capacitor for compressor 4)overload located on compressor 5)bad compressor I would try a new cord rated 12 gauge/20amp then you can start replacing parts if you don't have the equipment or ability to...
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    No Budget Deal Reached in Minnesota, Parks Closing

    That is a real bummer. I fell for the campers.
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    roof ac gasket

    I would use the replacement gasket meant for the unit. They're inexpensive and the idea is that you don't tightened them down flush gives them a little give so they don't start leaking later.

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