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    John & Katy new to this site

    Welcome from Michigan!
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    A little about me and my family

    Welcome from Michigan!
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    Carrying a kayak

    We also use the TV to haul the kayaks (16 and 16.5 ft). We have used J-hooks, regular saddles and have Hullavators. Using the J-hooks you add height to the roof line i.e. it can be a giant sail and have a negative effect on both mileage and handling. Plus it can be a workout to lift the boat...
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    Newbie From MI

    Welcome from Shiawassee county!
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    Why Do you Go To RV Shows?

    It's 'date night' for us. We enjoy looking at new units and people watching. We did not go last year and only once so far this year, and on the first day early, so very low attendance and no crowds. Going to try the Novi show again this year, weather and the DW work schedule permitting us to...
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    I've Come a Long Way

    I had an '04 Yuma (camping solo) when I joined in 2007. Then an '08 Bayside with the DW. And now And now a North Trail 21RBSS TT. The Bayside was starting to take way too long, and too hard, to setup.
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    2022 Family RV Show Lansing, Michigan

    See ya there!
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    Mystery trailer- need ID help!

    Welcome from Michigan. Maybe a Krown? At least that's my guess [:D]
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    Fabric on WALL near ceiling

    Welcome to the Portal. I can't really see the fabric, so I'll tell you how the trim pieces on my Bayside were attached. It might help (or not :-) )My trim fabric had elastic in it and had little slits cut in the fabric which hooked around some small screws set in the side panel, every 8 or so...
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    Drill to crank up Poppy - best for torque?

    Yes torque is important, 400+ inch/lbs and getting a drill with metal gears is also very important, because torque. I used a Milwaukee M18 drill on the Bayside for the roof (w/AC) and the stabs. Always worked well. Do not use an impact driver as that can destroy the lift system (bang bang...
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    2000 Utah: buying add a room

    "the awning is about 11’ that it’s actually a 12’ awning and I need a 12’ add a room kit." That is true. But the awning is called 12' so a 12' screen room (or Add A Room*) would work "If yours is a diffrent camper, that skirt peice probably will not fit." My skirt was such a PITA we would use a...
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    Fleetwood Coleman Parts For Sale

    The picture is of a two tank cover :-)
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    2000 Utah: buying add a room

    We had an AAR with the Bayside and only set it up if we were going to be on a site 3 or more days. It was great for the extra room and if the weather was poor or buggy it was a wonderful refuge. The setup took an extra 20 minutes or so, tear down and put away could take 30 minutes (cuz it...
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    Pop up Party!!

    Welcome from Michigan!
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    Popping in from Michigan!

    Welcome from Shiawassee County! (I grew up in Detroit, Chalmers/Jefferson area :-) )
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    Welcome from Shiawassee County!
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    New to popups in Michigan

    Welcome from Shiawassee County!
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    Hello from Beautiful Michigan!

    Welcome from Shiawassee County. There is great freighter watching at Algonac, enjoy!
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    Hi! Newbie here

    Welcome from Michigan!
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    Hello From the of Michigan

    Welcome from Shaiwassee County!