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    PUP To Hybrid Reduced Setup and Packing?

    Hi. A couple of things. Yes, there is a hybrid with a king bed. Look at the Starcraft 186rd. We moved from a Coleman pop up with shower to a Jayco hybrid. The setup time is cut tremendously. Beds just fold down with cables, no pole supports. Little things like in order to start using the...
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    Hello from No. KY

    Welcome from NKY (too)
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    How do you keep track of your travels?

    I don't remember the exact steps but if you sign into Google you can create your own personal Google map with the locations you've been. Didn't see silvermickey....
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    Made the switch

    HA. Kids are excited about the ice cream part.
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    Made the switch

    Thanks All! Actually no need to upgrade to a new vehicle. The Borrego pulled it great (it's a truck frame, not a unibody). Has plenty of power! Towed on the highway at 2100 RPMS, never any constant shifting. Installed a Husky centerline WDH that I might tweak a bit.
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    Made the switch

    After (many) years of contemplating we finally made the switch to a hybrid, Jayco x17z. Bittersweet goodbye to the Popup. Will not miss the setup. Brought the Jayco home last Friday night and the Coleman was picked up on Sat morning. Sold it in 3 days.
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    Showing off my camper

    Awesome job
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    AC runoff

    Also can use a pool noodle cut in half
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    Entry Door Missing Something, and a lot of it.

    Are you in the right groove? The bottom of the door should be sitting on top of the silver metal.
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    Horse Park near Lexington KY

    Nice park, we go every year (about an hour drive). You have to watch the layout since there is no paths to the bath houses and you might find people cutting through near your site.
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    Ft. DeSoto, and Ft Wilderness

    Awesome. We are getting ready for our second trip to the fort. How did you like the 1700 loop. We reserved the full hook-ups too.
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    Roof jumps on way down

    Whiffletree lubed, pulleys lubed and roof corners within 1/4 inch of each other. About half way down when lowering the roof it 'jumps' a bit on each crank turn. Any ideas why this 2000 Coleman would do this?
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    Wiffletree block crooked

    Will do, project Thrus.
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    Thetford C4 Flush tube

    Thanks. Found the little plastic valve. put it back in flush tube with spring, all is good.
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    Wiffletree block crooked

    Hi. The Coleman roof harder to crank over time. Doesn't help am aging too. I lube the pulleys and wiffletree yearly. Last week I noticed the metal block where the cables attach is really crooked in the box along the screw and one side is really putting a grove in the cover plate (that has grease...
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    Thetford C4 Flush tube

    While cleaning the Top tank of the Thetford C4 (Manual Flush) I disconnected the flush assembly. When I was done I noticed a spring at that bottom of the tank. I believe this spring goes in the flush tube right where it enters the bowl. I assume there must be a ball valve of some sort I lost...
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    Awning mat or rug storage

    Ours is a 9 x 12 Mat. We just fold it the way came in the package. It fits in a hefty outdoor garbage bag.
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    Letting Kids Bringing Friends Along - Any advice from those who have done it?

    Ha, we are doing this for the first time this weekend. My oldest DD is bringing one. It will be different than the friends staying in the house, which they have done. Guess I'll be going to the bath house instead of using the cassette.
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    Found black streak remover that WORKS!

    Simply Green works like a champ too.