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    New camper!

    Congrats on the NTU Pop up!
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    Addicted to PUP

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    New here

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    POP-Up Upgrade

    We have the 2008 Jayco 1206, cant go wrong, we have been using it since and it has been through some harsh situations.
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    Our trip tp Panama City Beach

    I would recommend a trip to Seaside on 30A (The Truman Show was filmed here) a lot of shops and great places to eat, and just walk around and see the Chapel and homes. As for PCB, this time of year is great as there are no crowds. Definitely go on the pier and walk it around sunset great photo...
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    Our trip tp Panama City Beach

    Well the drive down to PCB from Charleston went without incident, once we got there I decided to check my phone (trying to enjoy vacation and ignore it in my bag) and there were two messages from St Andrews SP stating that our reservations for Sunday and possibly through Wednesday were cancelled...
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    New Member

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    Back on site after hiatus

    Thanks Wrenchgear, we tossed about the idea of the darkside, but opted to keep the PU and got a boat [:D] got to have a boat here in Charleston.
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    What's your preference - Wooded sites or Fields?

    Definitely wooded partly shaded, I remember one time I waited to long to book at Devils Lake SP in WI and ended up at Wheelers CG in the middle of a grassy field. Needless to say that was the last time as the [{:)]was not happy.
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    Member ststs

    Tom, You might try a poll, you wont capture everyone, but try PU, Hybrid, TT. Hope that helps
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    Back on site after hiatus

    I remember you, hard not to with the name lol. yes I remember the gentleman from Colorado and did see he passed.
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    Newbie to pop-ups

    Congrats on the [PU]! Very exciting I am sure, we purchased our first one in 1996, and we are on our 3rd one. You will find all kinds of information on here, and a friendly bunch to boot. You will get MODitis once you are comfortable with it.
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    How did you come up with your screen name?

    Was in the Army for 25 years and retired.
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    Back on site after hiatus

    Hey PUP, Wow it has been a while since I was an active member, about 2 years. Of course I joined PUP ( Date Registered: December 06, 2004, 12:55:18 PM) a long time ago. I am curious how many original members are still active on here, or have moved on from pop ups. We still have ours and enjoy it...
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    Greetings one and all!!

    Welcome from Charleston SC, plenty of places to camp int the Carolinas
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    so irritated right now

    What is the definition of Recreational Vehicle in your by laws? Our covenant for the HOA defines RV as "camper or motorized camper" and then "boats or watercraft trailered". If it does not specify recreational vehicle to include watercraft then that is how he is getting by with this.
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    Campers GOOD NEIGHBOR list

    So if I ride up at 10 pm on my American motorcycle going 20 MPH with my dangerous dog in the sidecar right next to the scabbard with my gun, accidentally running your loud misbehaving child's foot over causing him to crap his diaper which you now put in the smoldering fire causing the stink in...
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    new popups??

    Would recommend Jayco, as an owner of the 1206 floor plan I am partial to it, but that said this is my third PU and by far the Jayco has been the best against the Viking,and Flagstaff. It really comes down to personal preference, does the room fit my needs?, does it have amenities I need or...
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    Don't know where Tenderfoot came from

    Welcome from SC (Low Country)