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    Winter camping newb?

    Tanks and drain points are exposed, I think
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    Winter camping newb?

    We sold our pup and bought a TT over the summer and we know nothing about the water systems as our pup did not have water. I realize we should winterize and we can learn how to do that. We like to camp in the winter and I’m wondering if we can de-winterize, use it as normal during winter...
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    Best way to remove aluminum from wood

    This site has a great search feature. Just typing in "jayco roof rebuild" brings up the following threads, among many others: I would...
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    Leaving a pop up 'up' all summer?

    I've left it up for a few weeks at a time, but we frequently get pop-up summer storms with 60mph winds. So I keep an eye on the weather. I've had a few fast pop-downs.
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    Drying out camper when it won't stop raining!!!

    We have had the same thing happen. I leave the sheets on the beds and the cover on the dinette to absorb and moisture. I have popped it up to see a puddle (not from a leak, just pouring rain when we popped it down) but the sheets protected the mattresses and I toweled up the puddle and let it...
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    1991 Jayco popup with L&W lift system

    Wow that is a unique floor plan. Could you maybe remove the ice box to get a better look?
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    Help (again), Is this how it's supposed to be?

    Thank you so much for letting me know. Deeply. Thank you.
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    1991 Jayco popup with L&W lift system

    You do not have to gut it. You can do it. Really. It's time consuming but anyone can do it. Read through the links already in this thread.
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    The Maiden Voyage for our Starcraft 1404 Popup

    Congrats on the great first trip! What a great little camper. Love that you're towing with a Matrix - that's my DD.
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    1991 Jayco popup with L&W lift system I have the manual as a PDF. Send me a personal message (look at the top menu bar) with your email address and I will email it to you.
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    Help (again), Is this how it's supposed to be?

    Not sure if this post went through the first time. I responded to your other thread. This is ours after we adjusted the bolts. It's been working fine like this for 3 years.
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    Who wants to go camping??!!!???

    In lieu of camping on this holiday weekend, MOD! Installing new vent for AC and permanently mounting the fridge, just finished re-waterproofing the bunk roofs...must stop working on camper...must mow lawn...
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    Help??? maybe it's not meant to be 1) get it as level as possible 2) open up the hatch where you put the crank lever and spray in some White Lithium spray grease from NAPA 3) go into the cabinet nearest the crank and unscrew the flimsy wooden box covering it. Check that the...
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    air cooler vs air conditioner?

    Not sure about where you live, but no way I'd camp in our humid heat w/out AC in the summer. If you have the window unit already and budget is an issue, play around with it in camp backyard and see what results you get. SHADE is the biggest help you can get for cooling, but we need the AC to...
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    caulk or sealer
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    replace interior "seam tape"?

    This may be something unique to Colemans or something the previous owner did. Can you post a picture of it? The only tape I know that is commonly applied to a ceiling is Eternabond, but that is something you would put on the exterior roof seam to prevent leaks (usually after a repair from a...
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    Help! Iosso made the window fabric yellow!!!

    The 303 has taken care of ALL nasty spots in my camper - are you using the one just for cleaning (not the water-proofer)?
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    search with picture would be great

    It would be super great if there was a box you could check under "search" to only return result with pictures. Just a thought.
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    2013 Quicksilver Branson, MO

    This guy replaced his screen door with one he cut down from a Palomino door, but a lot of users say they don't mind the screen as it just unzips from the bottom on both sides.
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    Bunk End Privacy Canvas Gone

    I like the reflectix idea as they will still be useful after you replace the canvas so not a waste of money.