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  1. PNWColeman

    Slide outs coming out too far

    I posted in another section, but didn't get any response and have some new thoughts on this issue. Both king beds on our NTU 1999 Coleman Sun Valley are sliding out just a bit too far on our tent trailer. This has caused the bed seals to tear as the inside frame of the bed goes over top the...
  2. PNWColeman

    Beds sliding out too far.

    When we got our NTU 1999 Coleman Fleeywood Sun Valley we noticed that the bed seals were torn, but thought that was any easy fix. What I didn't realize is that they are torn because the beds seem to be sliding out just a little to far so that the seal folds between the box and bed frame. They...
  3. PNWColeman

    Repair ceiling straps for door support

    Hello - we need to reattach the straps that hold the door to the ceiling on or 1999 Coleman Fleetwood. It seems the rivets/ screws holding them in have broken. Any recommendations on how to fix this? I'm very nervous screwing into the ceiling so get this right. Pic attached of broken rivets.
  4. PNWColeman

    Key term for propane control door?

    I need to find a replacment for the door/cover on the propane controls for our 1999 Coleman Sun Valley. Is there an official name for this part to help me in must search terms?
  5. PNWColeman

    New pop up owners in the PNW

    Hello! We are a family of 5 (2 adults, 2 teens,and a 6 year old and just purchased our first pop up. I grew up camping in pop ups and we have borrowed one from a family member most summers for a few camping trips, but this is our first time owning and maintaining. We have a 1999 Coleman...