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    Velcro at Walmart

    I ordered the Pugs for my camper back when I first got it and had the velcro added when I ordered it. I found the Industrial strength velcro in 1.5" wide rolls 15 feet long in walmart's craft section. It was $20. I stripped off the hook part of the roll) cause the soft side is what Bob sews to...
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    Need repair in Huntsville, Texas

    The cables need to be checked out raising the roof and possibly repaired/replaced and also the rollers on the bed rails need to be replaced on the king bed. Is there anyone near there or know of a repair shop that deals with pop ups? a company or individual would be fine. Neither me nor my son...
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    How much Water to take?

    If you have 2.5 people, how many gallons do you allow per day for each person? I know answers willl vary. Assume 3 days, with a Navy shower per person once during that time.
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    This was NOT better than being at work!!

    This was a trip from Hell. Son and I both agreed we'd sooner stayed home. We were supposed to stay thru Monday but decided to come back last night. First off, we were 5-6 hours late getting started for a campsite 4 hours away. I had gotten these ressies back in July -- the ONLY campsite they...
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    Can NOT get anywhere before Dark......

    We're ALWAYS getting to the parks after dark.... winter, summer it doesn't matter. We never get anyplace to set up before dark. We're always turning the TV around so we can use the headlights to see. I don't think in all the years we've been camping we MIGHT have gotten somewhere before dark 2X...
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    Have you Seen This??!
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    Here's a laugh......

    About 2006, we were camping at a Texas State Park (Garner) and had our "Kamping Kitty" with us. She was about 1/2 grown and loved to travel in the car and once at our site would just hang around the trailer. We watched her very carefully but she never ran off or explored more than 100' away...
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    Recommendation for shower "STALL"

    This is my recommendation only! I ordered a JOOLCA single shower stall for my toilet that I purchased and can't recommend it highly enough. Pretty pricey ($150) but well built, private, and well thought out with multiple conveniences. When I have the money saved up, I'll buy one of their hot...
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    Problem with Canvas

    We have a new to us Pop up with a new (as of 2/2021) canvas from Bear Creek. The canvas is gradually -- as in every time we pop up/down-- pulling out of the bottom and top channels it was inserted into by the door. This is a tiny channel with nothing holding the canvas in but tension. We can...
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    First camping trip....

    I wasn't sure how my grandson (7) was gonna like it. He's ADHD/ADD and a little autistic and GLUED to his electronics. Electronics are the only thing that keeps him stable for long. Otherwise he's a terror. Well, I was surprised. My son (24 and NOT his dad) had come too. They hiked, swam, and...
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    Brittney Landers -- RIP 12/2/2019

    My niece was one of a kind. She was intelligent, had a wicked sense of humor, loved life, loved her friends and family, loved her mom and dad, loved her pets. She gave full body, all in, hugs -- we still talk about her hugs at every family gathering. She was always up to go camping with her Aunt...
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    Hysterical Camping vid on YouTube

    I watch the Holderness Family often and they just put out a new camping video. Their annoying neighbor from their house neighborhood camps right next door to them.
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    How to see Campsite in Google Earth

    There must be a trick to this. I went to Google Earth in my browser, put in the address and ..... nothing. Put in the name.... nothing. Put in just the city...... nothing. How do you see a campsite?? Easy directions please for this grandmother.
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    Creatures at Palmetto SP If you have anyone in your family intrigued by Bigfoot, Swamp Monsters, UFO's, or the like, try this park! It is spooky after dark!
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    Why O Why??

    It must be the "gathering of the herd" instinct that causes a camper to claim a site right next to another camper. You know--safely in numbers if they are attacked by Indians, wild bears, moose, etc. Or in our case -- Maurauding alligators. When we were at Huntsville State Park last week, there...
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    Shout-out to Pop up Gizmos

    I ordered on June 1 the SHW Gizmos. They were at my house by June 6. That’s incredible!
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    Is there any structual reason to replace ......??

    The metal "covers" that you put on the 4 corner lift poles. I don't know what they are called, but our NTU pop up doesn't have them. Our first Pup did. They had a slanted end to go up to the roof and a flat end that went at the bottom.
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    Question: Cancelling when rain predicted?

    We have ressies at Huntsville Texas SP for next week. Weather has predictions of rain ALL 4 days we're scheduled to be there of 44%, 39%, etc. All it has done in Houston Texas for the last month is RAIN!! I am SICK of it!!! 19 days of rain so far. Should we forget our trip? It was a shakedown...
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    Free campsite near Houston Texas

    If you need a place near Houston, there are 8 sites in Spring Creek Park near Tomball, Texas. Which is about 25 miles from Houston. I have been there before in a pop up and Hybrid and I just checked the website and it's still available. You should make advance ressies and you can stay up to 7...
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    I'm so excited! After trying since MARCH for ressies, I finally found a weekend available for Inks Lake SP, in September!!!! I am stoked!!