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  1. gi_jimbo

    How much different in height front-to-back is normal?

    My wife and I just bought a 1996 Coleman Shenandoah. I've seen a number of posts on roof sag and though the sag isn't too bad yet on ours (it doesn't have a roof AC unit), I plan to be proactive and re-enforce the inside anyways to prevent future sag and ABS cracking. Before I do any...
  2. gi_jimbo

    New Coleman pop-up owner from western NE

    Hello all, My wife and I started off our camping experiences with tents and got a utility trailer that converts into a tent somewhat resembling a pop-up about 2 years ago. Recently we decided that while handy and cool, it was too crowded for us and our 3 kids (1 more than we had when we bought...