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  1. Freedom72

    What's your favorite camp chairs to take camping?

    Looking to buy 2 new camp chairs to take camping with our mini toy hauler. I want something light weight and portable. I found these ----> that weight 6.5 pounds each Anybody have them or please post pics or links of...
  2. Freedom72

    How do I winterize black/gray tank valves to prevent sticking?

    Ok so I have my camper winterized accept I dont know what to do for the black and gray holding tanks. I have completely drained all the water from gray and black tanks...But do I put half gallon of rv antifreeze in each tank? Can I add a little of my valve conditioner to the rv antifreeze to...
  3. Freedom72

    Finally got the carport up with camper inside

    We went dark a few months back with our 19 foot toy hauler... Here it is under our Carolina carport I probably could have gotten away with 9 ft. legs on the carport but we went with 10 ft. legs Carport is 16x23
  4. Freedom72

    Why is the RV Dealer trying to sell me silicone to seal my camper with?

    For some reason when my camper was built they forgot to seal one corner. All other corners have putty tape and clear sealant over the putty. So I go into a big rv dealer/repair center. The parts guy hands me silicone. He said that what we use here???? Really silicone on an RV? I know I can use...
  5. Freedom72

    TRC Electrical line voltage monitor? Anybody use this one?

    Was thinking this would be good to have to test the campgrounds panel before hooking up...and also to plug into outlet inside camper to monitor the voltage thats coming in. It has an alarm also when voltage drops bellow a certain number. Anybody using one? I really cant afford a $300 surge...
  6. Freedom72

    How many times a season do you camp?

    How many times a season do you camp? Also out of those trips,how many spots are local spots that you use compared to traveling a much further distance to camp? Thanks for any info
  7. Freedom72

    Can I run just my rv's a/c fan on 15 amp circuit at home?

    Am I able to run just the fan setting on my TT's 13,500 btu a/c unit while in my driveway? I'm using a 25 foot 10 gauge extension cord. My homes outdoor porch outlet is on a dedicated 15 amp breaker. Thanks for any info..
  8. Freedom72

    Help with carport size for travel trailer

    I want to buy a carolina carport for my sportsman classic toy hauler. The box of my camper is 16 ft. 4" inches long and just under 8 ft. wide with awning arms. The roof of the carport will be exactly 21 ft. long so that leaves just under 2 1/2 ft. of protection on each end. I have room for 23...
  9. Freedom72

    Help with Ball and coupler getting stuck every time we dissconnect

    My driveway is slanted towards the street. So when we disconnect our 19ft. toy hauler the ball keeps getting stuck inside the coupler and lifting the tow vehicle. what are we doing wrong? Anybody have any tips for disconnecting while on a hill? thanks so much for any tips
  10. Freedom72

    Why won't my satellite booster work?

    Our new 2017 KZ toy hauler has a satellite antenna on the roof. You dont have to crank it up,its always up. I ran a small piece of coax cable from my led tv to the input on my ceiling marked satellite. I pushed in the button and it lights up red. I then made sure my tv was switched to cable on...
  11. Freedom72

    Please Help! These vents are gonna leak like crazy

    The air vents to let fumes escape from my new toy have huge gaps behind them. The buytl tape wasnt layered thick enough. I dont wanna drive 1.5 hours to dealer. In my eyes the only way to seal these vents will be to remove them and layer the butyl tape around the surface,then reinstall. The...
  12. Freedom72

    We have entered the dark side! Classic Toy Hauler

    2017 Sportsman Classic 19FKTH Toy Hauler...The Tacoma did awesome! She sitting pretty good,not sure if I will need the airbags in rear. Were gonna load all our gear in the rear of trailer to keep bringing the hitch weight down. Looks like im about 4.5" from hitting the leaf bump stops. No sway...
  13. Freedom72

    Our PuP is gone for good

    Yesterday our 2010 Rockwood 1640 has gone to a new home...Listed it on craigs list and it sold in less then 48 hours I do miss it a little,But I'm hoping Friday that will change when we take delivery of the mini toy hauler Really hoping the sportsman classic will be a fun little camper...Im...
  14. Freedom72

    Should I chance towing it home from dealer without WD hitch?

    Im picking up my 19FKTH kz toy hauler Friday. The dealer uses fastway e2 WD hitch set ups I read its a good system but It weighs 85 pounds. I really wanted an Anderson no sway set up since it only weighs 58 pounds and has really good reviews Would it really be risking things to just tow it...
  15. Freedom72

    Should I buy the extended warranty Protective Asset protection?

    Dealer offered me Protective asset protection extended warranty for towables. 6 years for $1,495 $50.00 deductible I never heard of this company...from my research it looks like they do warranties for cars and all kinds of stuff. My gut says dont do it...But does any of you guys or gals have...
  16. Freedom72

    Please help,anybody know anything about the kz aluminum roofs?

    I took this pic of the aluminum type roof on the kz toy hauler I want to purchase. Anybody have any experience with kz travel trailers and the 1 piece metal roof? I did read online about puddling of water because its not perfectly flat. Thanks for any info if you have owned one in the past. We...
  17. Freedom72

    Do you prefer fiberglass or corrugated aluminium sides?

    When buying a camper, do you prefer fiberglass wall construction or corrugated aluminum walls and why? What's better? In my eyes it's seems like corrugated aluminum would be harder to keep sealed up from leaks rather then sealing the flat surface of a fiberglass sided camper. Thanks
  18. Freedom72

    Help with tongue weight?

    If we go dark were looking at 2 different small toy haulers. One is 2017 spree escape E17fkth with dry hitch weight of 390 Also looking at the 2017 sportsman classic 19fkth with dry hitch weight of 400 The dry weights are very light on both models ranging from 2,300 to 2,500 dry my bike weight...
  19. Freedom72

    What camper would you get if you went dark?

    This should be a fun thread... If you were gonna go to dark side ,what model camper would you buy? Post a pic from the web of your choice Thanks so much
  20. Freedom72

    Wife say's Go dark,But keep the pup!

    We have been going back and forth about going dark...My wife said look the pup is paid for and its in perfect shape with tons of mods completed. So why sell it? She said keep it and buy the 17 spree escape toy hauler. If we wind up using the toy hauler and the pop up sits with no use,then sell...