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  1. Meldew

    Help figure out why exterior light not working

    Hello, I have a flagstaff hw27ks. Super dark outside it at night - it looks like there’s a light over the pull out kitchen. I can’t figure out how to turn it on! I have interior lights switched on, the individual light is switched on. The bulb works. Ideas for how to fix? I don’t have meters...
  2. Meldew

    what is supposed to go in this socket?

    There is an empty socket to the right of the camper door. Does anyone know what it is for? 2012 Flagstaff high wall.
  3. Meldew

    When the state park says 20’ rv limit, do I fit?

    So I am confused…. When a Georgia or Florida state park has a site with a 20’ limit, what are they measuring? They say pad is 20’. My “box” is much smaller. Do I add tongue? Surely not bunks extended in that measurement?
  4. Meldew

    Our attempt at winterizing and more questions

    So DH said we can’t keep the pup set up in the side yard all winter lol. I was trying to get up my courage to try to recover the dinette cushions. Now dinette cushions are being used to build forts in the kids’ bedrooms and the pup is closed! Maybe I will recover them this winter. I tried to...
  5. Meldew

    Second trip - Qs about brakes, furnace, shower, winch, windows, sink...

    Hello! I did my second trip with the pup... getting comfortable driving it! Lots of questions though. Does my pup have brakes? If so do they work via the pin-connector to my TV? I have read about brake controllers but I don't think I have that. I have an older Expedition with the tow...
  6. Meldew

    first camping trip - mixed results

    Well we took our NTU Flagstaff hw27ks to Hard Labor Creek state park in Georgia... I can't say it was a success lol! First - the battery died putting the roof up. We hooked up the power cord to finish but I will need to figure out why the battery doesn't hold a charge. The camper had been...
  7. Meldew

    Filled fresh tank and water coming out base of sink!

    Help! We finally are getting everything figured out… except when we drove the camper home from the dealer, they insisted the kitchen spigot stay attached in the upright position. Then they closed the roof! I’ve since read that is NOT WHAT YOU DO lol! so we decided to sanitize the fresh water...
  8. Meldew

    Pup has no hoses for draining black or gray tanks. What do I need?

    Sorry for the constant questions! We are going to do a test run this Friday night weather permitting! I ordered a fresh water hose, pressure regulator, extension cords, but realized there’s nothing to drain the tanks! I need to buy a hose or two asap. What do I need? And where do I keep it...
  9. Meldew

    What water pressure reducer do I need? And a few other basic questions before first camp out

    First I am SO thankful for this community! I’m the least handy, mechanical person out there and y’all have helped me a ton. New owner to ntm hw27ks. Fixing to take it out to a local campground next weekend if possible for a trial run. So I can probably figure out where to attach the water...
  10. Meldew

    where to find parts hw27ks/hw277?

    Hello, I have a new to us popup with many small broken parts! Is there a one-stop online source for replacements? Here is what I need: steel cable that connects door to roof rail (one is completely broken, the other frayed) cotter pins for roof latches (missing two) fastener for something on...
  11. Meldew

    new to popups, new to us hw27ks

    Hello, We just bought a new to us 2013 flagstaff hw27ks... we have set it up in the yard so far. Needs new mattresses, dinette covers (at least) and I really want to replace the grungy carpet on the step up to each bed! The canvas is speckled with mildew but I'm reading on how to attack that...