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    My old Palomino 4124 is for sale

    Hey guys, I was wandering through CL and lo and behold, I see my old Palomino 4124 for sale! I can't afford to buy it back, but thought I'd pass it along if anyone is in the market. The guy I sold it to was very nice, so when he says lightly used - that is probably right on...
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    New Brunswick Canada

    I should say that the pup did not go on this trip, but the tent did :) Pup mattresses with egg crate foam are still way more comfortable than a cot with a Thermarest on it [:O] It was a road trip with my friend to visit her family. Very foggy on the Bay of Fundy and it got downright cold at...
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    Kind of a private campground

    I went camping at a friend's house this past weekend - they have a lot of room and no quiet hours :) We are all old friends who try to get together a few times a year. We had many laughs, good food, but no fire, because it poured rain later in the evening. We all managed to squeeze in the...
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    Friends told me this place is awesome!

    This is Quechee Gorge in VT. Friends of mine stayed there on a holiday weekend and said it is beautiful and I don't believe it was too crowded.
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    A/C and propane

    I am just curious, can someone tell me why A/C isn't rigged to run off propane? I am scientifically ignorant, so if this is obvious, I apologize. Just seems that if you can run a fridge off propane and it has a condenser, why not A/C? Is it inherently unsafe or something?
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    Cleaning contacts worked!

    I didn't have brake lights when I hitched up this weekend, which didn't make sense, because they worked last fall. I cleaned the contacts on the power cord ends with a wire brush, then pulled off the taillights and cleaned the bulb contacts and voila! Now I also know what size bulbs to pick up...
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    Came unhitched and the tongue hit the ground...

    I didn't want to hijack the other mishap thread. I have pics of the chain tabs that are now bent more. The pics also show the new coupler lock installed. After reading some of the safety chain posts, I wonder if the chains got bound while taking the corner. Or are the chains too short and...
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    TV Battery - what not to use

    I just replaced the battery in my Jeep - it died while I was out of state over the holiday. It now has a Group 34 Sears Diehard with 700 CCA and a 36 month warranty, 100 mo pro-rated. I had a AAA battery in it and wanted to share my experience in case anyone ever finds themselves in a jam...
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    Fire Extinguisher - how to remove it?

    Hi everyone - Okay, I feel pretty silly asking this question, and I searched, but could not find the answer. The fire extinguisher is original to my pup - 1986, so I want to replace it. I looked at it (did not take pics, sorry), and it is held in place by a plastic strap that looks like it has...
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    86 Coleman Columbia-The black and white wires by the to connect?

    Hi everyone, I popped up the l'il Columbia today to lube the bunk end slides and test the electrical. I used an extension cord to reach the outside plug on the house. Plugged her in, turned on the light and everything is a go! I did not hear anything weird from the converter which is...
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    Recall on Meijer ceramic heaters

    Details are here:
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    Eternabond Roof Patches

    I went down to my local RV supply store and bought a 6"x6" piece of Eternabond. My roof has cracks in the center molding strip and it is forecast to rain today (an inch or more). I did not have time to pull the molding and do a proper seal underneath with the Eternabond, so here is my quick...
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    Replacing electrical hatch

    The existing hatch is missing the cover, so I bought another one to replace it. The dimensions work, except the screw holes don't line up with the old ones. I really don't want to drill more holes in the camper, so I'm thinking about drilling new holes in the plastic. They will be very close...
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    No awning or track for it on pup...what to do?

    The awning and the awning track/channel were both removed from my pup. It looks like whoever did it patched the holes nicely - it doesn't appear to leak. Would it be safe to get another channel with track and drill on the existing holes? I don't want to damage my N2Me pup. Would anyone...
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    My N2Me PUP! 1986 Coleman Columbia - pics included

    I think I got a great deal on Craigslist - paid $300 for this baby! Towed home awesome with no brakes. It came with a 6-square to 7 round adapter. It got new tires and bearings 2 years ago. The axle looks great - it was too hard to try to get a picture under there though. Took me 2 hours to...
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    Camping in Canada and Border Security

    I would love some recommendations for places to camp in New Brunswick, Canada, and also in the provinces that are easily reached from VT or NY crossing areas. The other part of my question involves border security. I took a trip to Ontario Canada this summer with a girlfriend and it happened to...
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    Prodigy - no power after I had my mechanic re-connect it

    I did a search on Prodigy to see if the posts would answer my question before posting :) I had an old mechanic disconnect my Prodigy 2 years ago when I had a battery problem. It turned out the battery was bad. I have a new mechanic and asked him to reconnect the Prodigy today while he was doing...
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    1988 Coleman Shenandoah - just listed

    Hey, I just found this on Craigslist in my area - $200 obo!: Seller says - Good working condition – needs repairs on canvas sides. I have patched with silacone and held for season. He also says in answer to my email - yes the mattresses are...