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    New here

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    FYI and "Wow"

    Still amazing.
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    Wag more, bark less: Post your dog pics :-)

    Wanna go for a ride?
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    FYI and "Wow"

    like this quote from the article... "At 930,000 kilometres, I think it’s just getting broken in. "
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    Covid camping inside garage

    Good luck. I am sure it sucks.
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    Hello from Ontario, Canada

    Go leafs. Oops...too late. I am originally from Trona. I know the pain.
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    Hello from WNY teaching my hubby about trailer camping

    Be patient with us males. We eventually (maybe) will figure it out. Ya, probably not.
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    Door not closing properly

    I found my door was affected by my awning. I placed a painter's pole as support for the awning and it is good now. If you move your roof to one side...does your door fit better?
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    Water Heater - Why Keep It?

    I have had our pup for 16 years...and used the water heater once. No shrinkage!
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    Running on 12 volt

    If outside pipe hot...inside cold.
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    John & Katy new to this site

    You will become an expert soon.
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    Did you include wheel bearings? I just change them instead of guessing if they are still good.
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    For fun ( past yrs camping pics )

    Chesterman Beach in Tofino, British Columbia
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    New member from Red Deer Alberta

    Welcome from cow town.
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    Furnace Questions

    I assume the heater turns off soon afterwards?
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    Protecting the Portal

    If you ever need recruits to help with the war against the evil empire.. all you have to do is ask.