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    caulking the roof

    Do you have to remove the old caulking from the seams before you re-caulk? Thanks
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    wheel bearing grease

    What kind of grease do you use to lubricate your wheel bearings? I have the Dexter axle with E-Z lube bearings.
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    BAL stabilizers

    What is the best way to lubricate BAL stabilizers? What do you use? Thanks
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    RV anti freeze

    Can RV anti freeze be reused? Thanks
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    sink drain cap

    Does anyone know where I can get a new sink drain cap with tether? This is the cap on the outside of the camper that you attach a hose too.The tether broke and I'd like to replace it.
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    winterizing method

    New PUP this past summer. Now its time to winterize. What is the preferred method ? RV anti-freeze or blowout the lines with air?
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    2005 Coachmen lift system

    Anybody have a problem with their lift system after the recall repair?
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    input on new camper

    Just purchased a 2005 Coachmen Clipper 1271ST. Does anyone on this forum own this same model? I Am looking for any input good or bad on this unit. Thanks