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    Quick question about a build

    Hey guys...I kmow this is a pop up forum...buuuut...I recently just picked up a 17ft food cart trailer. I will be tearing it down and looking to build my own....or if it fails..make a flatbed trailer lol...but does anyone know of any good sites that can help me with plans and or a forum about...
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    95 fleetwood sequoia electric pop up help

    Guys...the top on my pop up goes up...stops for a min..then it works again...then stops...usually stops about a dozen times going up. I've read that maybe it is ginked up and needs I have to pull the front of the pup off to get to it? Sounds like it's tucked behind the front...
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    95 fleetwood sequoia stir light

    Hey guys...I'm in the middle of changing to all led lights...I just realized my stir light works so I am going to swap that one out to....only problem is I can't read the bulb to be able to tell what kind it is. Any clue? It doesn't twist in..just kind of presses in...the contacts just kind of...
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    Battery voltage help

    So I bought a voltage and amp reader on amazon. It also has a spot for 2 usb plugs. How do I wire this...the part with the 2 usb plugs has a positive and negative post..I assumee one to battery and the other is grounded to camper....the voltage meter has 3 positve to battery I...
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    Battery monitor?

    Hey guys. Im taking the pop up camper for the first time using battery power. ....I was wondering if there was anything I can get to monitor the battery so I don't let it drain down to far. I am switching to led lights inside ...mostly just charging cekll phones and tablets for the 11 year old...
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    95 coleman sequoia power lift blown

    Hey guys. So the better for my lift had gone dead so I went to hook it up to my charger..when it was hooked up I tried to get it to go up...well i shouldn't have done that.....especially since i didnt realize my charger setting was on engine start and not trickle charge...Heard a pop at the...
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    95 coleman/fleetwood sequoia questions

    Hey guys...thinking of getting an ac heating unit this year. What size and where would be a good place to start looking for a reasonable price one
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    95 coleman/fleetwood sequoia questions

    Hey guys. ..I'm about to go camping soon. ...and I want to switch to led bulbs inside my camper..problem is my camper is an hr away. .and is like to have the lights when I go pick up the camper and open her up. ..can anyone tell me how many and what size bulbs are in a 95 fleetwood sequoia...
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    wal mart batteries

    hey guys its that time again to get the camper going....i was at walmart and saw a battery everestart 29dc battery..122amp hrs at 1 amp. 845 cold cracnking aps. are these decent for the moneyor should i spend the extra. i am going to change all lights to led and all i will really need...
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    Slow hot water?

    Ok some of u may know...I couldn't get my hot water tank to heat's going now..sweet Jesus ..warm water is for the bad...when hooked up to shore water...cold water pressure is fine....turn it on..pump.kicks on and pushes great...turn on hot water...I can hear the...
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    Let's play guess the extra piece

    So when I got my 95 fleetwood sequoia. ..I found this spare piece and can't seem to figure out what it is...any ideas ..
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    Hot water heater problem

    Hi guys ...I have a 95 fleetwood sequoia. ..I can't seem to get the pilot to.light for the hot water tank. I've did reserch and nothing has seemed to work..followed all instructions on the pilot..still nothing. Gas line goes from tank and splits to the hot water tank then to the stove and then...
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    comfort furnace

    hey guys...just went to a camping show up here in mass.....picked up one of those electric infrared comfort furnace heaters. 1500 watts..says it heats up to a 1000sq foot...but obviously it great in a couple of our bedrooms. I was wondering if anyone has them in there pop up and how...
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    water pump help

    Hey 95 fleetwood sequoia water pump doesn't seem to be pumping...I have it on battery..u can hear it running and running and running..but no water out of faucet. I can see the water moving in the clear window to the pump so I know it's doing something...the tank is full because it pours...
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    what happens if electric lift doesn't work

    Hey guys . It just occurred to me..I have an electric lift on my 95 fleetwood sequoia. Sometimes when I tighten the ..I assume hydraulic thing... know to keep pressure in hydraulic I guess and push the switch for the top to go up..sometimes it's tempermental..I can't turn the know all the...
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    ceiling lights but no outlet power

    Here we are at our campsite first time with or 95 fleetwood sequoia. ...there are no electrical hookups at the ...sooo....just to make sure I'm not stupid...the wall outlets won't work just off the battery correct...there is no power to them so I assume it's because there is no converter to turn...
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    95 coleman/fleetwood sequoia questions

    Couple questions do u use the toilet lol. ....and how do I go about lighting the pilot light. Messing with propane makes me nervous . The person I bought it from said they think the hot water pump needs to be that all u need to light the pilot light for
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    ac unit on a 95 coleman sequoia

    Hey guys....just wondering if anyone knows if I would be able to install an ac roof unit on a 95 coleman fleetwood sequoia. And also where is the best deals for such units. Would it also be something anyone with general knowledge can do. I can't find anywhere saying weather or not the roof can...
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    Brand spanking new to pop ups from mass!!

    Hey guys. I'm brand new to the pop up world. But not to the camping world!. I love camping. Me and my girlfriend just picked up a pop up camper. We were looking for something a little better then tent camping now that we have a ten year old and a new baby due in august.. we just got a 1995...