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    Finally Got A Hitch!!!

    Today I was finally able to purchase a hitch for my car after buying our PUP back in June. I am so excited to see everything coming together for our first trip on the 12th.
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    Silverware and Dishes

    I am going through and purchasing supplies for our PUP and have found it difficult to come across re-useable plastic dishware ie. cups, bowls, and plates. What do you use in your camper for dishes? I do not want to use glass or stoneware as I know they will get destroyed traveling to campgrounds...
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    Camp Dearborn in Michigan during October

    Since we are not going to be able to attend this years rally in Salem, MS I still wanted an opportunity for our family to do some fun camping during Holloween and found that Camp Dearborn becomes Camp Dare-born during the month of October. Has anyone attended during this time before? I am hoping...
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    Decorating the camper!

    Today the husband and I went to Ikea to do some shopping for the camper! Spent more than I thought I was going to, but everything just looks so adorable. We are going for a mostly green theme but I want to use some blue in it as well, for accent I am thinking, but for sure the privacy curtains...
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    Universal Studios - Campground?

    Can anyone reccomend a good campground around Universal Studios in Orlando, Fl? I looked up the KOA down there and its $54 a night which is the same price as staying at Disney Land ><.
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    George Forman Grill and Sandwich Maker

    Yesterday I purchased a used George Forman Indoor/Outdoor grill and also an electric sandwich maker. Does anyone else use these types of appliances while cooking? I am also thinking of bringing along my waffle maker as well. The propane stoves scare the crap out of me and I would prefer to use...
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    State Campgrounds

    What is the website that I go to find all the state run campgrounds in each state? My husband is eligible for the disability discount thing but I am no sure where to actually camp.
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    N2Me 1996 Viking Pop-up

    I am so excited to post that today I purchased a N2me 1996 Viking pop-up! I got an awesome deal I think at $1150 and is in amazing condition. I think the only thing I am really going to change is that it comes with a cooler and I would prefer it have a fridge. We have a two limit of 2000lbs and...
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    Installing A Hitch

    Thoughts on ease of installing a hitch. Is it something you would try or have a mechanic install?
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    New Cushion Covers

    I am not sure if this is the place to post this or not but I will give it a go. I am wondering if anyone is interested in having someone sew new cushion covers for them at a reasonable price. How it would work would be that you would purchase the fabric of your choice, measure out the WxLxH of...
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    Help With Roof Repair

    I recently purchased a 1990 Starcraft Meteor that when shown had been kept in storage and I had seen very little in terms of roof issues. Well I was finally able to pop it up today and oh boy do I have problems. The roof is pretty much wet and it seems to be new but is a fix that is way out of...
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    There went the stabilizer wheel

    Today during a fiasco moving my camper to my home the wheel that is on the front of the camper to help balance and move it was destroyed. I have a 1990 Starcraft Meteor and am wondering if this is something expensive to replace? Where can I find one to purchase?
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    1990 Starcraft Meteor Stabilizers

    Can anyone tell me if this model has only two stabilizers or four? I was finally able to bring my camper home today but due to the uneveness of the area we are allowed to park I was only able to put one stabilizer in the back down and could not locate any of the other ><.
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    1990 Starcraft Meteor Canvas Replacement

    Has anyone found where you can purchase a new canvas for a 1990 Starcraft Meteor? I have heard of bear creek but am wondering if I will have to send in my canvas before they can make a new one. If I wanted to contact Starcraft how would I do that?
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    1990 Starcraft Meteor Brake Question

    I downloaded the owners manual for my trailer from this website and it talked about brakes but when I talked to the seller he said they were none. Is this something I pay extra to have installed or do not every camper come with the ability to have them?