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    Howdy from an old time member who never posted

    Howdy from Texas. I think I joined this forum in 2007 and never posted until today as far as I remember. We have a 2002 Viking which we bought new back then. We used it a lot when the kids were small. Lost of trips around Texas State Parks and road trips as far as Wyoming. But we kind of stopped...
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    Need to rebuild 2002 Viking Saga

    We have a 2002 Viking Saga which we don't use it much more. Less than 5 days a year right now. The trailer sits in the driveway most of the time and has developed some rot. The left rear corner of the lower wall is rotten from water damage. The corner trim is peeling off and the walls underneath...
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    Camper Capitol USA in Garland/TX out of business?

    I was trying to reach Camper Capitol in Garland. This was the largest parts dealer in the area. Just been there a few weeks ago but now their website is down and their phone disconnected. Does anyone know if they are out if business?
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    Table mount (track) - where to get?

    We have this table extension which we can use either inside the camper at various places or outside hanging of the side of the trailer. Similar to the one in this post: However this table is not waterproof and we cannot leave it outside in the...
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    Alternatives for fiberglass siding on roof side boards?

    I have a 2002 Viking where both side walls of the roof have severe rot damage. I now managed to take one side of to start replacing it. The driver side board is partially rotten and where rotten it is pretty bad. Replacing the wood is no problem but I was also trying to save the fiberglass...
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    Group camping areas around Dallas,TX?

    I am looking for group camping areas that are in the Dallas area (max radius of about 50 miles) which are suitable for tents and small trailers. Basically a group site where you can place tents and park small trailers side by side without booking individual sites. A shelter may be nice but is...