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    Camp Dearborn

    Due to unforeseen issues with our hitch set up we won't be able to make it this weekend.
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    Camp Dearborn

    I took the day off tomorrow in order to get ready and we can pick up the kids at 3:30p, hoping to be there before 7 so we aren't doing our firs set up in the dark ><.
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    How to Post

    Do you have a smart phone? I found it difficult to get pictures on the forum but using tapatalk you can just upload them from your phone and not have to use a hosting service.
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    Leaking toddler...

    I would suggest purchasing a mattress cover, they zip up and waterproof the entire mattress, I think they help with allergies as well. That way if it happens again you only need to worry about washing bedding and not taking care of the mattress again. I am not sure as to the age of your child...
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    Coleman Royale interior remodel - goodbye '80s!

    I love the colors you chose and the work that you have done. I noticed a lot of IKEA stuff in there (my favorite store!). It's so neat to see all the work that you have done, it gives me so many ideas. Thanks for posting :).
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    First trip in our popup!

    How fun! Glad there weren't too many problems on your first trip
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    We bought a pop up!

    Welcome from another Michigander.
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    New To Us Popup

    Nice! Why year is it!
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    Camp Dearborn

    This will be our last one for the year probably. Was hoping to head south for a week in December but its looking like that wont work out. Ah well there is always spring break!
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    Finally Got A Hitch!!!

    Lol I know! Definitely bought the cart before the horse :).
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    Finally Got A Hitch!!!

    Today I was finally able to purchase a hitch for my car after buying our PUP back in June. I am so excited to see everything coming together for our first trip on the 12th.
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    Part of the club! :)

    Congrats! My mom was a waitress when I was younger and would pay with $1 for a lot of things. Money is money right? Happy Camping.
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    Camp Dearborn

    Yes I bought one off CL already. Looking into electric blankets as well but it will be our only fall camping trip so may just e bringing extra blankets. I have warned all the parents to pack sweatshirts and jackets and stuff.
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    Poll: Do you keep a camping journal in the PUP?

    I love the idea of keeping a camping journal. I would like to use the clear plastic pages to keep information for each campground as well as keeping a copy of the user's manual and such. I think I will also keep a spiral notebook in it as well for thoughts and such.
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    Camp Dearborn

    We are campsite 56. Got the paperwork in the mail today as well as an itinerary for all the planned activities. They have a lot going on!
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    Camp Dearborn

    I don't remember the site number ><. I know that I asked for something close to the bathrooms though lol. We will just be using a basic site which is nice, I thought the price was really reasonable. I was told they would be sending me some papers or something in the mail so maybe I will know...
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    1998 Starcraft Spacestar

    How fun! I love the red wagons for the kids.
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    Camp Dearborn

    I was able to make reservations today for the 12-14! We would love to take you up on the dinner for Saturday. Would you like me to bring a side dish? How many kids do you have? We will be bringing 3 (13,11 and 6).
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    Dry food storage when not camping

    I have seen a lot of people use Rubbermaid totes and such and that might help. Perhaps keeping those items in a tote but storing it in a closet or the garage. That way those items are always together and handy.
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    Camp Dearborn

    Oh cool that sounds like fun. I will talk to him about it :).