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  1. FL_Bill

    I'm not sure what goes here...

    I'm not sure what goes here...
  2. FL_Bill

    Any FL rallies coming up? I want info!

    Just like the title says, I want info if anyone has a rally in FL coming up. I looked in the forums, but the new layout is a little hard for me to follow still. Anyone already start a thread on this? I am in St Pete, so central FL is my choice. We only have around 45 school days left. Then...
  3. FL_Bill

    Gotta leak:-(

    Wow, wife[atd] and I are kind of in the market for a travel trailer and when I see this on such a new unit I cringe. The repair job is totally poop. The real sad thing is the campers are built like crap to begin with. We currently have a Viking with all the features we love, but the sides of the...
  4. FL_Bill

    Welcome Back

    I too can say I liked being able to scroll down the side of the old pages and find new comments and jumping right in to share my opinion. [V] However in time we will get to understand the new layout. It would be helpful if someone could put together a tutorial[RTM] to help us learn this new...
  5. FL_Bill

    1973 Viking rebuild

    Just added this thread to my "to read list" looking forward to it. Thanks! FL Bill
  6. FL_Bill

    1983 Viking "gasser" resto

    Maybe the real issue is Yahoo wants me to make an account to see it... I do not think other hosting sites do that...? Can you see my pictures from the other day? I did the first ones from google photos and second ones from photobucket. I just did a test and google photos did not work. Here is...
  7. FL_Bill

    1983 Viking "gasser" resto

    Dixie, your link has died and I missed it. I think it has something to do with the big Yahoo breach... Moneypit, I just stumbled across this thread and your are killing it! It will be nice to see the new canvas on it. I was worried the AC unit would be too much for the manual lifts... Thanks...
  8. FL_Bill

    It begins, lets rebuild the roof..LOTS of pics

    Maybe you need to cash out your cookie jar or something... [LOL] [LOL] FL Bill
  9. FL_Bill

    It begins, lets rebuild the roof..LOTS of pics

    I do not know why you cannot see them. I wonder if anyone else can? Let me try a different way... and
  10. FL_Bill

    It begins, lets rebuild the roof..LOTS of pics

    Cool. I just stumbled across this post and I'm glad I did . I have roof issues I need to deal with. My side boards are also rotted out. Here is my issue: and You can see my side walls are done. I have done some other repairs, so I should be okay. But your tread really helps encourage me...
  11. FL_Bill

    Help with a cast iron griddle/grill seasoning

    I do agree with not using OO, I did it for years with same results as you, black glass. However over time the pans I would not use for a while would start to have a distinct flavor that was not good. I had to do a semi-deep cleaning and re-season. I think the OO was going rancid. So following...
  12. FL_Bill

    Help with a cast iron griddle/grill seasoning

    I think what happens is with quality CI it may be fine. But from what I read the newer cheaper stuff does not do too well with this type of treatment. Honestly I do not know. I DO know I have never done it and have not needed to. My stuff looks and works great. Maybe if Lodge or Camp Chef said...
  13. FL_Bill

    Greeting from South Florida

    Welcome from St Petersburg! I will have a major roof job coming up soon I will be posting. So let us know what you got going on and maybe we can all help each other out some more!! It is really neat to see all the extended family investment going in to an over all rewarding project! Keep up the...
  14. FL_Bill

    Help with a cast iron griddle/grill seasoning

    Oh boy, so may opinions... Here is mine! DO NOT put in oven on clean cycle. You can google it and see why that is a bad idea. You do need to clean it very well. At this time I would say you may want to strip it completely. You can do this with lye or you can just clean it by bringing some...
  15. FL_Bill

    What's Wrong With This?

    I read a lot of the replies, but not all of them. I think a siphon might be your only answer. In other words a straw that can suck the water off the bottom. I have seen wands or small tubing that would work for this. Otherwise keep some bleach (or something) in there so mold and bacteria do not...
  16. FL_Bill

    Hi from Florida

    Welcome from Saint Petersburg! Try and make a rally if you can they are a lot of fun!! FL Bill
  17. FL_Bill

    Bearing buddy install

    You need to know what type of axle you have. If the pictures you shared are before you already have access for greasing. If in doubt pop the cap off and wipe it all down with a few rags and look for a zerk. If you have dexter torsion axles you have ezlube hubs and just need to add grease via the...
  18. FL_Bill

    Anastasia State Park Florida

    We are in St Petersburg. The caverns were really neat. The night and day tours are both fun as you see different areas of the caves. The condition of the sky is totally irrelevant while under ground. But night tours are done by flashlight only. Well worth the trip! FL Bill
  19. FL_Bill

    Hello from Russia

    Welcome From St Petersburg...Florida! The place your place is named after! (Yes I know it is the other way around...just kidding!) [;)] I am guessing it is too cold right now for camping, but enjoy regardless! FL Bill
  20. FL_Bill

    May buy Viking this week- tips or concerns welcome

    We love our viking. The 1906 looks a little small, but we are 4 and a dog. And we normally bring friends of the kids as well. The roof is fiber glass and not the abs plastic you hear about with coleman. HTH FL Bill