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    USB Lighter

    My son-in-law introduced me to “plasma lighters” and they’re a great option for lighting a variety of things. They’re basically a battery-powered continuous “sparker” and are rechargeable. He showed me one for lighting cigars that creates an x of two plasma “sparks” but the ones we use have a...
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    Low vs high pressure propane

    I have a ‘98 Coleman Taos with the “stock” propane system. By my understanding that is a low pressure regulator (it is) and a low pressure Atwood stove. I’m trying to put in a Wave 3, which is also low pressure. Bought all the hoses and fittings I thought I needed and tried things out - which is...
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    Awning Rail Install

    Hi Everyone New to the forum but not PUP camping. We've downsized to a '98 Coleman Taos with an aluminum roof. Trying to figure the best way to add some shading and was wondering about adding the awning rail/track used for the bag awnings to the ends and other side, so some shade...