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    Hyundai HY2000Si will start and power 13.5 A/C

    So here is my first impression of this generator after spending 30 minutes with it. I unboxed it and added the oil, fuel and closed the choke and it started right up. Now not having anything to compare to I think it is not loud at all or at least not that bad, factor in the $595 and free...
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    Installed Cheapheat electric heater

    I decided to give the RV comfort systems Cheapheat a try in out HW27SC, I don't like space heaters and wanted to add a heat source option for when we have power, and that is most of the time. The install went fine and should only take an hour, running the wire back to the converter was not so...
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    Anyone take the pup Autocrossing

    So we plan on going to some US events next year and bring the PUP and make a holiday of it. Anyone else take the PUP to events?
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    HW27SC sway control

    Man this is keeping me up at night so I figured I would get more input. Stuck between two WDH's. Trailer is about 3500ish lbs. but being towed by my wife by an SRX (4500lbs.), she is not stupid but does not tow much and I need it to be easy. So is the Reese 66086...
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    Welding to the A-frame

    So against the advice of my dealer (ya they really said this) I am going to install a WDH w/sway control on my 2008 Flagstaff HW27SC. Now here is the issue, the A-frame is full of stuff and the Reese 400, the mini 350 is too small so I am left with some other options but all of them would...