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    A/C roof support

    That is what I'm looking for. Anyone have one available? If not what type of tubing would I need to support the roof? I need to add a second brace behind the ac unit
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    Remodeling a 1999 Coleman Santa Fe

    What was the secret to getying the metal splashing threshold removed at the door?
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    Long term results for sagging ABS roof

    I've seen dozens and dozens of posts about sagging roofs, delamanation and cracks and their remedies but I have yet to hear of any long term success stories of resolving the sagging roof issue. Needless to say I am facing the dreadful dilemma of how to repair the sagging roof our '99 Coleman...
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    Rubber roof on Coleman ABS

    Goblinnn2, Have you experienced any negative effects to the roof of core after applying the GG under the ABS delaminated section.

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