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  1. Drufus

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    Maybe rent a pick up or suv with appropriate tow ratings for that trip.
  2. Drufus

    Campground Rules? Or really just suggestions to be ignored?

    Yes indeed , the filthy poor people are quite “shady”. They should never be allowed such things as electric bicycles.
  3. Drufus

    Campground Rules? Or really just suggestions to be ignored?

    At California sp, rule against hanging a hammock from any tree regardless of using straps or the strength of the tree. Does not make sense to me. Damaging trees in the forest is bad, agreed but sleeping in a hammock under a sturdy tree? No harm/no foul.
  4. Drufus

    Does Your Camper Have A Name?

    Maybe “Camper Mcleod”, an homage to the classic Highlander movie.
  5. Drufus

    Mod using outdoor stove rail for a table?

    I used a husky hardwood toolbox top. $22 really nice piece of wood. Stows in the under seat box with the stove. 26” x 18”
  6. Drufus

    Fla-Jonathan Dickinson SP

    My elementary school used to visit there as well as the near by reptile center. In high school, the son of the ranger through a huge party at the ranger’s residence in the park when his dad was out of town. Good times, Love JD. If you keep following the loxahachee in a kayak, you will end up at...
  7. Drufus

    Hi from WA!

    Hello, A big girl! Please share pics of your rig and what not. Its going to be chilly out there, bring a sweater! I’m up here in Kent Wa. PNW rules for camping!
  8. Drufus

    What is camping.. Pictures ONLY!

    Holy cow, that key deer is cute. Looks like the Grinch’s dog.
  9. Drufus

    Giving a popup a 3" lift. 3" lift for a Fleetwood Colbalt

    Nice write up. I appreciate this kind of contribution.
  10. Drufus

    Hello from Washington

    Howdy Washington neighbor, we’ve got trips booked for Kanaskat Palmer, Millersvania, lake kachess and Steamboat rock so far this upcoming camp season. Wagons ho!
  11. Drufus

    The got a refresh!

    Nice, thanks. I like the bolt. I’ve always wanted a back button on the mobile site.
  12. Drufus

    GMRS and FRS

    You’re going to need license/ call sign if you want to use a repeater. For some of those you need permission to transmit. Monitoring is fine of course.
  13. Drufus

    New to group from Port Angeles, WA.

    Hey-O We live on the other side of the Sound in Kent WA and love Washington State camping! So hard to get reservations at Kalalock though!
  14. Drufus

    GMRS and FRS

    I use gmrs mobile in the seattle area. There is a repeater out here that allows for clear communications for dozens of miles and between cities. The tower is on tiger mountain, the range is incredible. 50 freakin miles! Amazing! WRFW583
  15. Drufus

    U and your Roof Top Tent

    Not sure how you dry a rtt that was soaked while camping unless you have a shop you can park your truck. Especially in the pnw where it is constantly raining. Maybe if you live in a dry climate it is a nonissue. Also not being able to explore or run for supplies without breaking down camp is a...
  16. Drufus

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    You would have to be a real “******” not to get the joke.
  17. Drufus

    Making S'mores

    We like to experiment with marshmallows with a chocolate center- the chocolate melts much better. Also using the Easter favorite, Peeps as the marshmallow is an avant-garde choice. The sugar coated covering of the Peep’ sort of caramelizes as it heats. Get a can of wet wipes for your hands and...
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    My 11 year old son and I listen to the Ron Burgundy pod cast. It is Will Ferrel in character as the Anchorman. He thinks it is hilarious, I like it too. Check it out.
  19. Drufus

    Wireless/battery tool systems for the camper?

    I use these things every time I camp. Inverter Area lights Inflater (belows)