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    Will ceiling show roof leaks?

    Poke the wood everywhere on the roof and sides of the roof and if it is spongy anywhere you are likely looking at a roof rebuild. It is a really good negotiating point if you are a handyman.
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    Cleaning off the algae / organic crud from an Aliner

    I've had pretty good luck with shower cleaning spray. I'd bet it is a lot cheaper than the Miracle Mist.
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    For those needing new canvas...

    No. They take the model number or serial number (VIN) of your popup and use the manufacturers specs if I recall correctly. They have the patterns for most popups already.
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    Coleman Original Crank Handle photo?

    I lost one once and made a replacement using black iron pipe that I cut a notch into.
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    Uneven roof 2013 Starcraft Comet 1020

    Track down the winch and cables behind or beneath the cabinetry. Find the cable that lifts the corner that doesn't go up all the way, it will likely have more slack than the other 3. Tighten it so they all pull equally. It's fairly intuitive once you can see the winch and cables.
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    99 Coleman Bayside water Heater

    Also check the pressure relief valve. My water heater blew a hole in the aluminum tank. I believe that was because my pressure relief didn't open when it should have. If you are seeing rust when you flushed it the pressure relief valve is likely going to be sticky or inoperable.
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    Prototype Camp Stove / Oven

    Smear dish soap all over the outside of a pot before putting it on the fire and it will be super easy to clean.
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    LP water heater/tank replacement

    I have a 1996 Jayco 1206. My water heater blew out almost identically to this one last summer. I'd used it successfully in the past and it fired up fine. I left the camper for a while and noticed water inside when I returned. I believe the pressure relief valve failed. I've since removed...
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    Rusty Fire Ring Grilling Grate

    Our garbage transfer station has an area for dead appliances. I nabbed a grate out of an oven that I take along to put atop the fireplace grates.
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    ceiling lights not working

    My Jayco has a 5amp blade fuse in a holder up by the corner of the roof by the safety switch. That is something to look at as well if your ceiling lights aren't working.
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    Not something you normally see in the campground.

    We were camping at a primitive site next to a lake last weekend. Around 5:30am I was awoken by a backup alarm so I rolled over and unzipped the window to see what the heck was going on. A water truck was backing up to the lake to fill up. I immediately figured this guy was watering recently...
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    Door Frame

    Are you talking about these plastic alignment pins that fit into the bottom half of the door?
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    Help bolt for lift broke!

    You need a tool with left hand threads called an E-Z out. They can be found at any auto parts store. You just drill a hole in the broken piece then use the E-Z to remove the bolt. I've had good luck using them on all different sizes of broken bolts.
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    Norcold 260.3 propane mode wont work

    A universal thermocouple you can buy for <$10 might work in that unit. I'd try that 1st. I have a norcold that I am scrapping so if you find it is the gas valve or something let me know and I'll salvage it for you.
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    Dometic 2202 thermocouple needed

    I have been searching high and low for a thermocouple for a Dometic 2202 refrigerator. They have a fitting that goes into the gas regulator that has threads that don't match any typical thermocouple. The manual for this fridge lists the part number as 2923435149, and also shows a 2923435131...
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    Brake controller

    The owner's manual for your tow vehicles should have a section about trailering. If you determine you need a brake controller send me a PM as I have one I laying around collecting dust that you can have for free.
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    Tent to roof attachment hardware '96 Jayco 1207

    The trim piece or valance is screwed in as well. The valance I removed had a plastic strip the screws went through. You have to lift up the valance to see the plastic strip and screws as it is designed to hide those.
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    Tent to roof attachment hardware '96 Jayco 1207

    The canvas is actually screwed in. There is no metal bar screwed over where tent and roof meet on my Jayco 1006.
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    ABS Cement for cracks

    I tried an experiment on my storage lid that was pretty busted up from people stepping or kneeling on it. On some cracks I used ABS cement like is shown, on some I used a plastic epoxy and on some I used a soldering iron. The ABS repaired cracks and the areas where I used the epoxy seem to be...
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    1986 Jayco Jay 1006 Deluxe

    Welcome Karla. I'm in Anchorage. I have a Jayco 1006 as well. If you ever run into technical problems let me know as I've gone through mine extensively and might be able to help or offer advice.