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    car stereo install question

    No, dont splice into the fridge, it is not the same voltage. You need the lights, they are 10 volts.
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    so excited

    They are great, we love ours. You have the best of both worlds, a travel trailer, and a pop up.
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    Hubby won't let me buy a dutch oven.

    The wife got one a couple years ago on clearance at Mejiers. We have used it bunches for desert and a stew. It has been great..
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    Keeping Supplies in Pop Up When Stored

    We keep everything we need in ours. That way, when we are ready to go, all we need to do is grab clothes and food and head out. At the end of the season we take out any food items that we can use over the winter months. Thats the best part of having a popup/camper.
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    Do you fill your water tank before you leave?

    We fill up for some trips where we know we will not have access to water, and so far no problems. Plus, I am like the others here, I like having the "City" water.
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    Back from our first camping trip of the season!

    I have been dying to get out camping. This coming weekend would be a great time to go here, but we have easter plans at church and with family. Glad you were able to get the season started and had a good time.
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    I never thought this would happen..... DARK SIDE!!!

    I started with a popup, bought a hybrid, but I still come here for the info, and great sugestions. This place is the best out there for the great stuff you have here.
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    campground "irritations"

    Best fire starter out there...Works everytime. LOL
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    Do you buy a screen tent to go over the picnic table?

    We bought one of the new easier to put up screen rooms to put over the picnic table when the bugs get bad or it is raining. The wife loves to use it. [{}=]
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    New PUP now home

    Congrat's on the new PUP....Bet you cant wait to get the season going... [8D]
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    Favorite Camping Activity

    Let me see.... Getting away from the City! Spending time with the Family! Relaxing by the fire! Checking out all the other Campers! Forgetting all your troubles, and just enjoying nature!!! [CP]
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    What is a tenderfoot?

    Someone who is just getting their feet wet in the camping world. [}:)]
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    Cheap addition of $38 LP covers looks great

    Got mine yesterday. I moved the tanks back today to make it fit, it works great, and add's to the look of the camper. Well worth the $25 bucks...
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    Televisions while camping?

    We have a Television with ours, we use it at night to watch the news, or unwind or fall asleep with a movie. It's also nice to have around in case it rains and there is nothing else to do. I say it's all about what makes your trip relaxing for you. We look at our trips as family time, and time...
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    wiring brake controller

    I have a Chevy Avalanche, it came with the wiring harness, it hooks right under the steering wheel. If you do not find it, check back at the Dealer. They might give you one.
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    wiring brake controller

    Are you sure you did not get the wiring harness with the truck, mine came with it since it was equiped with the towing package.
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    Concern about the pop outs on hybrid

    Ours is a 2002 model, and we have the poles for underneath. I agree, I would rather have the poles than the cables, feel a little more sturdy.
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    Considering Darkside - Would Like Tips On Features

    We have a R-Vision Trail Lite 19', and we love it. We started tent camping, then moved on to a popup (where we ended up here), and then the Hybrid. It has all the goodies, shower, sink, toliet, stove, air, and heat. We still have the popup feel with the fold down ends. We are very happy with ours.
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    Cheap addition of $38 LP covers looks great

    Thanks for the info, I just ordered one...Cant wait to install it.
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    I SEE GRASS!!!! Is it spring Fever? Who has some?

    It was 62 today here in columbus ohio, I have been out in the camper a couple of times, hanging out and doing some projects. I cant wait to get out, we have booked our first trip on the weekend of April 24th.