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    Center Seam Leak

    I have a '96 Jayco Jay-Series 1207DD that had some water coming in through the "outlet" jack on the back end of the camper while on our maiden voyage with our new2us pup. When I was cleaning it up after we got it some "new" caulk came off because it was put over top of some old (and filthy)...
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    eternabond vs the othe stuff

    I haven't tried it but I have some window flashing I bought a while back for a home project that I was thinking might work well. It sounds just like the stuff you described! I'm guessing I can just paint over it. The camper I just bought (new2me) had fresh caulk over old dirty caulk that just...
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    Does Your Camper Have A Name?

    Don't Panic! :) Very cool. We lost a very creative soul well before his time. R.I.P. Douglas Adams Too bad Hollywood ruined it with that joke of a movie.
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    Does Your Camper Have A Name?

    George Burns was married to Gracie Allen...thus the name of the RAV. The kids named "George" out of the blue and my wife said that my car needed a name so I thought first thought of "Grace" because she is definitely "grace under pressure" then I remembered the George Burns/Gracie Allen...
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    Does Your Camper Have A Name?

    How about "The Fugative" and you can call your tow vehicle Dr. Kimble [;)]
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    Does Your Camper Have A Name?

    We just purchased our '96 Jayco Jay-Series J-1207DD. It has a salvage title due to some intermediate occupants (mice ate the canvas and most of the curtains!). It is in pretty nice otherwise but also pretty basic. It has a King bed fore and a Queen aft with both a booth dinette and a u-shaped...
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    Geocaching with a Blackberry Curve

    Do you have the new iPhone 3GS? The original iPhone does not have a fully independent GPSr, only GPS assist that uses cell towers to triangulate the GPS location (most new phones have this technology) but very few phones will work where there is no GPS service because the phone can't communicate...
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    Is lack of a furnace a deal breaker and/or bad for resale

    If you think you are going to keep the pup for a while, then I would not spend the bucks. The thing is adding a furnace now is no more/less expensive than adding it later. If you think you might be changing campers in <5 years, then I would consider the option. You might be able to squeeze a few...
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    Geocaching with a Blackberry Curve

    The only problem you might run into is the same one my friends iPhone service no caching [:(] Works pretty slick when she has signal but when we are off the beaten track it makes a better flashlight than a GPSr [;)] I bought an old handheld off eBay for $20 and it works pretty good...
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    Lost on my way out

    The eTrex series has the ability to create an "auto trail". The best way to make this work is to clear it at the car. Another option (the one I usually use) is to set a waypoint for your current location. While on the map screen just press and hold the enter button and it will come up with...
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    Interal vs External antenna

    I hear you. My old, (now deceased), Garmin eMap had an external jack and I used an external antenna with it from time to time. I suppose they (the manufacturers) use that as bait to get you to but the higher end models. I can't say that it made a big difference when I was Geocaching but when I...
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    OOOH Fellow Geocachers!

    My family and the family of a close friend have teamed up to form "9fishes" on We started Geocaching back in June or July but have known about it for a while. We are all hooked...especially the adults! Since we just got our new-2-us pup we are excited that we will be taking it for...
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    I'd second Granite Hill...used to camp there 10 years ago! I did have some kids steal a cooler full of food from outside the door one night. Found the cooler the next day...everything was gone but some hummus and some breast milk [;)] I'd bet they were surprised! Latonka_Johnstons [TV] 2005...
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    The PA Wilds - Links and Information

    We are taking our maiden voyage of our new to us Jayco 1207DD this weekend at Austin Campground in Austin, Potter County, PA. Do you know the place? Any comments? TL gives that bathrooms a 8.5* which is all I'm really concerned with :) We are going with another couple who will be staying with...