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    Fort Wilderness

    I can’t imagine the bathhouses being very crowded. They certainly were not when I went. As an aside, they are the nicest bath houses you will ever experience Pop ups are in the minority. Many of the “campers” who have TTs or big motor coaches take advantage of the full hookups and do not use...
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    First time out.

    Try Sebastian Inlet SP. The location and beach is great. The drawback is the sites are small and close together with little to no privacy. I have not been to Anastasia SP but it is also right on the beach. Fort Desoto is my go to park for a quick weekend get away because I live in Tampa...
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    WHAT? A Dry Campground?

    Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas County, FL has an alcohol ban. We have always been able to consume discreetly without any problems. Booze is not illegal but the park has a sign at the entry to the campground indicating that there is a high fine if someone was caught with booze. Use a opaque...
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    Refrigerator question

    Is there not a switch for the fridge that is accessible from outside your PUP? On my last pop up, you opened a panel on the outside to activate the fridge, so I could get it started cooling 24 hours before leaving for a trip. You will want to store water bottles inside because they apparently...
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    What is your latest popup mistake.

    I sold my pup... Looking for a new one but it may be a while. I’m going through withdrawals ...
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    Poll:What did you pay for your NTY PopUp?

    I bought my 2005 Coachmen Clipper 086 (manufactured by Viking) for $3300 from a dealership (about $3650 out the door) in 2016. I just sold it today for $2200. After two years of consistent use and given the fact that the 3-way fridge no longer works (which I disclosed to buyer), I though that...
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    Women popping up solo

    The only time I have camped solo I felt fine, and secure. It was at Sebastian Inlet SP here in Florida, and if anyone is familiar, all the sites are close to one another. Your neighbors can hear your clear your throat, so I am sure if I had a problem I would have been able to get help right...
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    Funny/scary/weird experiences...

    And of course it happened in Florida !
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    Coachmen Clipper 086 Sport 2005 (made by Viking); is roof vent crank standard size?

    Fortunately, the replacement part that I purchased from Hanna RV turned out to work fine.
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    Good Instructions for Installing Solar to Charge a Deep Cycle?

    We are heading out to boondock for several days, at the end of the month. I am interested in a solar charger for my deep cycle battery. Camper is a 05 Coachmen Clipper 086 Sport and has a good deep cycle battery, just over a year old. How do I go about connecting a solar system? Is there a...
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    Removing shower forever

    I realize I am chiming in late, but I would imagine you would lose a ton of resale / trade in value with such a drastic modification. People who want to purchase a HW will want the shower and potty to be there.
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    Coachmen Clipper 086 Sport 2005 (made by Viking); is roof vent crank standard size?

    Yes it’s annoying. Also wondering, do newer campers have more detailed manuals and info on replacement parts ? Mine was absolutely useless. I have ordered the handle at the link and hoping it will fit.
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    Coachmen Clipper 086 Sport 2005 (made by Viking); is roof vent crank standard size?

    The little aluminum crank handle for the roof vent has broken. It needs to be replaced. Can anyone tell me if the crank is standard ; like this one: Thanks
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    Fridge trouble

    I’ve seen some YouTube videos that explain how to clean the flue.
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    How can I get a door key?

    That's what I did. My camper is newer though (2005) so it uses the standard handle and lock assembly that is readily available.
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    Can you tow with a full water tank?

    I tow with a full tank when we boondock, and know there is no water available at the destination. The water is only used for the sink, so I usually only fill it half way since when we boondock it's for no more than 3 nights. My camper's tank is located under one of the dinette seats.
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    Where do your dogs sleep?

    Fort Desoto, Pinellas County Florida (just south of St Petersburg, FL) :)
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    Shower/Toilet Removal

    So far that hasn't been a problem, fortunately. People tend to respect each other's camp sites at the festivals I attend (mostly Spirit of the Suwannee Park near Live Oak, Florida). Sometimes you will get an inebriated person coming up to your camp and chatting by the fire, and wearing out...
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    Where do your dogs sleep?

    Pretty huskies! I am taking my old husky girl camping next month and am excited. She is getting up there so I want her to enjoy her camping experience. We are going to a park that has a dog swimming area which she loves.
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    Time to sell our camper? Maybe we are not ready for this...

    So true - this is the best part of having a little 8 ft box pop up with no slides. Glad that JCrew and family are enjoying camping these days!