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    Stepping Down!

    With long thoughts and hesitance, [:!] I will be stepping down from the many of my areas of responsibility on the portal. I will not be handling the recipes, cookbook, tips and tricks, articles or any advertising. These areas will be addressed by Steve for now. I'm not sure about the rally...
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    2010 International Rally Attendance

    Total Campground Attendees: 477 far Total Nights Camped during the Rally dates:...1,358 and still counting! We are starting a count for the 2010 International Rally. If you camped anywhere (with a group or alone) during the 10 days of Friday Jun 18 thru Sunday June 27, please PM...
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    Knoebels Park / Bloomsburg Fair , PA - Sept 24-26

    Where: Lake Glory Campground - Catwissa, PA When: September 24 - 26, 2010 Price: $38 water/electric - $40 full hook up Reservations: 570-356-7392 Coordinator: JoeCamper and TBD Knoebels Amusement Park Information: Bloomsburg Fair Information: Site Area...
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    Thanksgiving Rally - Pine Grove State Park, PA - Nov 12-14

    Steeped in natural and historical features, the 696-acre Pine Grove Furnace State Park is in a beautiful mountain setting in southern Cumberland County. Surrounded by Michaux State Forest, Pine Grove Furnace features two lakes, 25-acre Laurel Lake and 1.7-acre Fuller Lake, a historic area and...
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    PA Summer on the Water Rally - Codorus SP, PA Late July

    [center][font=georgia]The PA 'Summer on the Water' Group Rally Thurs, July 29 - Sun, August 01, 2010 - Codorus State Park - Loop B, Sites 43 - 80 The 3,452-acre Codorus State Park is in the rolling hills of southern York County. The 1,275-acre Lake Marburg has 26 miles of...
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    Velcro under roof for Gizmos or Back Awning

    I've purchased Gizmo's for the bunkends and I'm making a back awning to keep the back window open for a breeze while blocking some of the sun and not worrying about rain coming in. Has anyone attached Velcro up under their roof to attach the gizmos, awning, tarp, etc? Do you just use the...
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    Portable Solar Shower Bag

    Are there any members that have a portable solar shower or can anyone recommend one? I'm kayaking 112 miles over 7 days this summer with my nephew and need to purchase one. So many options and I don't know the difference.
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    Weber Grill - Low Flame

    We've owned a Baby Weber 200 grill for a few years and I'm having a problem with a very low flame or sometimes the flame goes out. - Tank is over 1/2 full. - There is no adjustment to the regulator. - I've blown air throw the burner to clear any spider webs. - I've cleared the regulator 1...
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    Eastern PA boonbocking location?

    Does anyone know places to boonbock in eastern PA? Somewhere we can just pull off and setup... We are looking for a change from the normal CG and SP.
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    Going "GREEN" While Camping

    For some people, camping is a way to get back to nature while for others it means bringing out the big toys and having some fun. For the people who bring out the big motor home equipped with satellite television, cook tops, refrigerators and other neat gadgets, camping can leave a negative...
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    Paid Subscription Web Site

    OK, Steve and I have been talking about making the PUP a paid subscription site and we need your feedback and option. As you all know me, I’m going to ramble and get my thoughts and our conversation on paper... well here anyway. The portal gets very little donations, not even enough to cover...
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    Trout Season - Hickory Run SP, PA

    This is not going to be a group rally, but a few of us are camping at Hickey Run State Park over April 16-18 for the opening day of Trout Season. Anyone is welcome to join us. The state stocks 2 lakes and 3 streams. 1 stream is delayed harvest. Site 168 - PaThacker Site 258 - Marc S. Site 259...
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    Texas - The Lone Star Rally

    [font=georgia] [USA] Palmetto State Park, Texas [CAN] June 18-20, 2010 (Father's Day 6/20) We couldn't have an Inter-National Rally with Texas. You can come for the weekend, stay a few days late or stay for the whole week. There is so much or so little to do. Rally Coordinators - Lyz and...
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    2010 PA - Spring Opener at French Creek [Apr 09-11]

    Where: French Creek State Park - Elverson, PA When: April 09-11, 2010 Area: Loop C Who: YOU, your family and bring a friend. Reservations: [color=navy]Coordinator: PopUpSteve and...
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    2010 Eastern/Central Pennsylvania Rallies

    Eastern/South Central PA is having one rally each month in 2010. Well, from March thru November I would like to get a tenative schedule together so we have the winter to talk about it. I'm looking for members interested in helping coordinate one of the rallies. Don't be scaried! [:O] Please...
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    Moderators Campout

    Hey Guys: What do you think about doing a spring moderators rally? Lets get together (Lou, Carl, Steve, Joe, Phil and I) with our families for a weekend. Phil's got the cook, I got the booze and Joe's got the tunes.
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    Great Lakes Region - St. Clairs River Rally, Michigan

    [font=georgia] [usa] St. Clairs River, Thousand Trails CG [can] June 18-26, 2010 (Father's Day 6/20) 10 Days Over Two Weekends. You can come the first weekend and stay late, come early for the second weekend or stay for the whole week. There is so much to do... or so little. [size=4]Rally...
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    New England Rally on Cape Cod - Details and Reservation Info

    [font=georgia] [USA] Peter’s Pond Campground [CAN] June 18-27, 2010 (Father's Day 6/20) [size=4]10 Days Over Two Weekends. You can come the first weekend and stay late, come early for the second weekend or stay for the whole week. There is so much to do... or so little. [size=4]Rally...
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    New York - Niagara Falls Spectacular

    For all your vacation planning needs [color=navy]Niagara's Premiere Destination Guide More Coming Soon!
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    Tip and Tricks

    I thought I would start a list of subject for the Tips & Tricks. As we see things that need to be addressed we can add them to the list. Everyone just edit this post to add to the list. How-To - Smiles/Emoticons Topic Subject Line - Keep it short Quotes - When and what to quote Who's On-line -...