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  1. Plumas

    My Favorite Road Sign

    reaching escape velocity in the fort rock valley [:D]
  2. Plumas

    Bird Blinds (Central Oregon)

    I hate to mention specific sites on a forum but there may only be 1 member on here who will know this area. The old (abandoned) Cabin Lake Guard Station 10 miles north of Fort Rock. Comes with wildlife. There are "sites" up above the bird blinds but we camped right down at the blinds at the...
  3. Plumas

    Does this count as boondocking?

    Guano Creek "campground," Hart Mtn OR
  4. Plumas

    Oregon/Great Basin

    "Boondocking" I never heard of until recently, it used to be dry camping I think, not too long ago it was "camping." :) My wife and I bought a 2001 Viking 1906 new when the kids were little, used it every summer since. With the kids out of the house we've been getting out again. Thought...