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  1. mschepac

    Water heater not lighting

    I have a Suburban SW6DEL water heater. After turning on the switch, I can hear the gas valve open then a pause and it tries again. After this the reset light comes on and no flame. I was able to get a stick lighter in there and have the burner light so no gas issues. I just don't hear the...
  2. mschepac

    Calling all electrical people, finding a short

    A friend of mine has a travel trailer. We have discovered that he has a short that we cant find. We have done some internet research with no luck finding it. Here is some of the details so maybe you fine folks can help us. The camper is not connected to shore power. When we disconnect the...
  3. mschepac


    This is going to sound like a bazaar request but I need a little help. Any KZ Coyote owners out there? During my last trip, I shredded a couple of tires. Every thing worked out ok except I lost my grey water pipe that ties into the black water pipe. If I could get a picture of yours so I can fix...
  4. mschepac

    Getting Ready!

    Airing her out for our trip later this month!
  5. mschepac

    TV Tuners (not that TV)

    I am using a '04 Dodge Ram 1500 to pull my hybrid. I was reading an article in the latest Trailer Life magazine about tuners. Has anyone used them, especially on an older model gasoline engine, and what is your experience?
  6. mschepac

    The campers of Burning Man 2015

    Some rather interesting ones here...
  7. mschepac

    NY - Lake George Area - King Phillips Campground We went to King Phillips for a week long trip last week. We really liked it. As prices go for the end of July they are reasonable in the $50 range. Full hookups. Our site (m6) had 50 and 30 amp as well as a convenience outlet. Our site was shaded in...
  8. mschepac

    Battery power / maintainer

    Question: If I am connected to shore power and I have a small solar battery maintainer, can I leave both hooked up or should I disconnect the solar? I don't want to damage either the battery or the converter.
  9. mschepac

    Our rig

    I figured after all this time I would share a pic of our rig. This was taken last weekend. Chilly here in south Jersey, but we always have a good time. We camp usually with a group of 8 families, only 6 on this trip due to prior obligations.
  10. mschepac

    Vinyl Printing

    Our camping group consists of about 8 families. One of the group got some custom artwork made up for t-shirts that represents each family in the group. We would like to make spare tire covers with this artwork. Does anyone know of a place that would do this type of printing? I have looked at...
  11. mschepac

    Cool Signs

    Here is a link to come cool campsite signs....
  12. mschepac


    I am looking to get a cover for my hybrid. Any suggestions on a place to purchase. Good or bad info on brand. Anything you can give me would be great! Thanks
  13. mschepac

    Missing Posts

    Hey Guys, I have an interesting thing that happens all the time, and has as long as I have been using PUP. I look in on the site in the morning I check my updated topics, then I will check the unread topics. I don't usually have time to read the unread items until later. When I check in the...
  14. mschepac

    Fridge Gas Usage

    We will be camping for 3 weekends in a row using the campgrounds 'gas saver' program (you can leave your camper on site and setup during the week and use it on the weekends). The campground charges an additional $5 a day to keep your camper plugged in, but $0 if you unplug. I would like to run...
  15. mschepac

    VA - Tall Pines Harbor

    We camped this August at Tall Pines Harbor campground in Temperanceville VA. The campground is very well run, the owners and staff are super-nice. It's a little off the beaten path, but not crazy out of the way. Food Lion is about 10 mins away and a Wal-Mart is...
  16. mschepac


    To all of you with a TT or a HTT.... This really doesn't seem to be an issue in pup's per-SE. Why do they put double sinks in campers? I have noticed this in most trailers that I have seen. Neither side is large enough to wash anything of size. And in theory, a double sink is heaver, along...
  17. mschepac

    Tornado at cherrystone campground in VA

    My biggest fear! Keep these people in your thoughts and prayers...
  18. mschepac

    LED suppliers

    There are a lot of threads about LED replacements. The primary reason for switching from incandescent to LED is power savings, very helpful when boondocking. My desire is for this thread to be a GOTO point for LED suppliers. If you have replaced your factory lights with LED's, please list the...
  19. mschepac

    Cool Camper

    Came across this, way cool!
  20. mschepac

    Driving Speed

    I was returning from a job site today heading south on the NJ Parkway. As I entered the road I noticed a PUP up in front of me. Slightly excited I decided to tag up to them, you know, to check things out. I wish I hadn't... He was doing at least 75 mph, I know because I was doing 75 and we...