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  1. gardenbliss

    Saying good bye to my Pop Up life

    Scamp says it weighs btwn 1800-2000lbs, dry weight, so I figure mine is probably 1900lbs because no A/C and dual propane tanks.
  2. gardenbliss

    Saying good bye to my Pop Up life

    I got a great deal and the camper was super clean, hardly used. The last owners kept a journal that I found while cleaning out all their pots and pans. They only took it out 6 times, for short wknd trips. I just brought her in to get the bearings greased, installing a quick release LP port and a...
  3. gardenbliss

    Saying good bye to my Pop Up life

    Thanks all. I will miss “Poppy” but I hope to pass her on to a new camping family.
  4. gardenbliss

    Saying good bye to my Pop Up life

    I just purchased a 16ft Scamp and am putting my Pup on the market. It was time, now that the kids are (mostly) grown and I need something that is quicker and easier to set up without always having to unhitch from TV. My last trip to Joshua Tree was cut short due to rainy weather. DH didn’t want...
  5. gardenbliss

    Sleeping on the pup floor with the top still latched down- On the road

    I’d opt for sleeping in my SUV for a one nighter enroute to a distant park rather than cram into a tight floor space. I store everything in the camper so there is very little room as is.
  6. gardenbliss

    Just sold my popup, bought a TT

    Very nice! Congrats on your new camping mobile.
  7. gardenbliss

    Swing galley help

    I live in Buckeye, AZ and have a Santa Fe model but I believe the swing galley mechanism is the same. You are welcome to come look at my galley and take pictures. Otherwise Tom’s Camperland May be able to help you.
  8. gardenbliss

    Rest in peace Roscoe

    Thank you for sharing your love for Roscoe and how much he loved camping. It was such a touching gesture to take him camping one last time. So sorry for your loss.
  9. gardenbliss

    Have you added outside access to inside storage areas? You can also just type in RV access door on EBay and see different sizes.
  10. gardenbliss

    Have you added outside access to inside storage areas? read through to where i posted pics, hopefully this helps.
  11. gardenbliss

    Have you added outside access to inside storage areas?

    I have cut an outside storage area into my camper, to the left of the door, going into the front cabinet. I bought the storage access door on e-bay and the color was an exact match. I posted pictures of this mod a while back. It was scary cutting into the camper, but the end result is so useful...
  12. gardenbliss

    A toilet that will fit?

    I'm going camping in a few weeks and will take a picture. For overnight use, if you have kids, just bring the toilet inside and tuck it in that cabinet or leave it out for the kids. It doesn't smell at all, especially if it's just for #1.
  13. gardenbliss

    What are your camping Christmas gift ideas?

    Camco has a nice line of "Life is better at the Campsite" items worth checking out. They are inexpensive but fun, something struggling college student can buy a parent.
  14. gardenbliss

    A toilet that will fit?

    I have the Thetford flush, which I love. I did have to saw a bigger opening in my toilet compartment for it to fit, and I put it on an area rug so that I can easily pull it in and out when needed. I love it. When camping with my family, I just pop up my easy up shower tent and put it in there...
  15. gardenbliss

    Maiden voyage

    Looks beautiful, enjoy! and Congrats on your new adventures.
  16. gardenbliss

    Who here has 2 campers, a Popup and ?

    I know many of us here lurk online for (maybe) that next camper, but we love our PUP's and would hate to get rid of them, due to compact size, fond family memories, ease of towing, etc... so, who here has kept their PUP's and bought a 2nd camper? I am seriously considering getting a [email protected] for when...
  17. gardenbliss

    Naming the PUP

    My first PUP was "Poppy", so my next one is "Poppy 2.0"
  18. gardenbliss

    I don't see us ever "upgrading"

    Have you seen the AScape? they have a shower. There is also the Riverside Retro 135, but I digress and am changing the OP's original topic. My PUP has everything I need and then some, but I don't always want to unhitch in order to get inside.
  19. gardenbliss

    Winter Camping, what can I expect?

    Has far as I can read, no one has mentioned yet the value of a good winter wool sleeping hat. after the heater gets turned down at night, tuck into the warm blankets/sleeping bags/ what have you and pull on your warmest camping hat. bring the covers up to your nose and the hat down over your...
  20. gardenbliss

    Awning up!

    I must be a fellow oddball because I also took that darn awning off, too much of a hassle. I have an easy up screen tent that I love, and it keeps the bugs out.