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  1. KampCraft79

    New to Me 1999 Dutchmen PUP

    Fresh Paint and Graphics and it looks brand new! Loving this PUP!!
  2. KampCraft79

    12V / 30amp Plug

    I have a 1999 Dutchman Pop-up that did not have a battery (or battery box) when i bought it. The wires and converter were there already so I added the battery. My question is: Do I need to turn the battery is off before plugging in the 30amp power. or is it ok if the battery is on while its...
  3. KampCraft79

    Adding bunk light

    I have a 1999 Dutchmen pop-up and I want to add bunk lights on both ends. On the ceiling next to each end there is a sticker that says somethin about "power for bunk here", I'm assuming that if I cut a small hole with a razor knife here that I will find power wires here to tie into correct? Has...
  4. KampCraft79

    Wiring question

    I bought a 99 Dutchmen 810 pop-up and it did not have a battery. It did have the hook ups but no kill switch. My question is once I add a battery and kill switch, if I'm going to hook up to a 30amp power supply, do I need to disconnect the batter or turn the battery off from the switch first? Is...
  5. KampCraft79

    1969 Kamp-Craft Capri

    Hey y'all, check out my 1969 Kamp-Craft Capri. I've had it for almost 2 years and I am loving every minute of it! I've done several upgrades including plumbing, scissor jacks, new wiring, paint/fiberglass work and a custom awning. I have some more upgrades to do this year including a new Canvas...