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    How do you make coffee?

    We use an old coffee maker that had a stainless metal carafe. It works great. Hasn't broken yet. And we use it as a water heater for dish cleaning.
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    Hello from VA

    Welcome from Portsmouth, VA.
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    Brand spankin newbie in Virginia Beach

    Welcome from Portsmouth. Tons of good info on here. Good luck with your search for a pup.
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    LED LIGHTS worth the upgrade

    I have been switching all the lights on my trailer to LED. I got tired of wondering if my lights will work. With LEDs there is little worry. The LED brake lights I bought are RED LEDs so even if they lens breaks I'm still in compliance and safe. Just redid my overhead light with two double LED...
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    Is a collapsible canopy worth it?

    We have a FirstUp canopy with the LED light kit and the wind wall kit. We wouldn't go camping without it. The LED string lights are awesome. We have only used the wind wall a couple of times but it saved the evening during a rain event. Was able to still hang out and have fun even during a...
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    bug bombing pop up

    When I first got my new to me popup it I went through the whole thing with a commercial grade pesticide and a pump sprayer. Inside and out. all underneath the bed ends, cabinets, etc. Haven't seen any live insects in my camper since. It's been several years so I'm probably about due for another...
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    NC- Cedar Point Campground -Croatan National Forest -Cape Carteret, NC

    We are hoping to camp here again sometime in April.
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    Who here has a vintage pop up?

    We love our Apache. And have gotten to know a lot of other Apache campers. Lots of fun. We get soo many comments and questions about our old camper.
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    2014 - Virginia Spring Rally - Event

    Dang Peter. I'm already camping that weekend. Sorry we are gonna miss this one. I've been wanting to go camping up that way. Was born close to there. Brian
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    Need Recommendation- multi-season sleeping bag

    Looking for recommendation on a sleeping bag. My wife and I started using some of our old sleeping bags recently and prefer that to bringing blankets, sheets, etc. Would like to upgrade to a couple newer bags. We are in eastern Virginia and usually camp from mid-spring to late-spring and then...
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    First Trip in the Nimrod

    For cold weather camping I'd suggest a good space heater like a ceramic disc Pelonis and an electric blanket or mattress heating pad. They make for some comfy sleeping when it's COLD outside.
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    Hello Virginia Camper here

    Howdy camping neighbor from down here in Portsmouth.
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    Survey: would you avoid buying a '75 pup because of....

    BTW: Is that a Edward Sharpe reference in your signature?
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    Survey: would you avoid buying a '75 pup because of....

    Nice Apache mommaboss. Looks to be in great shape. Original curtains and still has the coveted spare tire cover. good find!! Look up info on your lift system and gearboxes just so you are familiar with it. One day you'll want to do some maintenance if it hasn't been redone yet. At least pull...
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    Who here has a vintage pop up?

    Love this thread. Haven't posted a pic of mine in a long time. Replaced the old acrylic in the windows with new polycarbonate. Cleaned up the aluminum a little. May see some new paint in the future. Who knows? We just seem to want to camp in it instead of work on it! [8D]
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    NC- Cedar Point Campground -Croatan National Forest -Cape Carteret, NC

    PICTURES -NC- Cedar Point Campground -Croatan National Forest -Cape Carteret, NC SLIDESHOW
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    NC- Cedar Point Campground -Croatan National Forest -Cape Carteret, NC

    Cedar Point Campground, Croatan National Forest April 26 - 28, 2013 We camped here for two nights with our 75 Apache Royal Hardside Popup. First time camping at this park and in this area. Getting there: From Hampton Roads we took Route 17 southbound towards Elizabeth City and Edenton...
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    What age did you start taking your kids camping

    Our daughter is 7 months now and has been on 3 trips already. We have another one(#4) at the end of this month and one(#5) in May. Good stuff!!
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    Zooland Family Campground in Asheboro.

    We will be camping there again this weekend for our Apache round up. Private campgrounds typically aren't our preference but this place is nice for our gatherings. Has something to offer most everyone in our group. Plus it's next to the zoo.
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    It's older than my wife! (Or, my old popup restoration story begins).

    Awesome little camper so to hear you got rid of it.